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It can be frustrating when your multiple, disparate systems don’t talk to each other and don’t share a common database. Accessing decision-making sales, inventory and labor data can be a never-ending nightmare.

Restaurant365 restaurant accounting software incorporates all the features you need to run a successful restaurant business and connects seamlessly with your POS system, payroll processor, vendors and bank.

General Ledger

Maintain control over the financial health of your restaurant business using the R365 General Ledger. Get a real-time representation of your financial situation with automated financial transactions, even inter-company transactions, posted to the general ledger.

Eliminate manual POS data entry

Reduce time and errors with sales data automatically entered into the general ledger from your POS system.

Streamline accounts

Create one account that’s used by multiple locations.

Automate payroll data collection

Pull payroll data from your POS system automatically, reducing errors in accruals from keying in data.

Amortize expenses

Automatically spread an invoice over a specific period, such as quarterly or annually.

Bank Reconciliation

Avoid the dreaded end-of-month bank reconciliation beast with automated bank reconciliation incorporated within R365’s restaurant accounting software.  Eliminate the hassle of manual bank reconciliation and reduce the time it takes to reconcile your books from days to minutes.

Enjoy direct bank connection

Directly integrate with your bank as part of the R365 connect strategy.

Perform bank reconciliation daily

Reconcile your activity every day – it takes only minutes.

Bring in data daily

Provide decision makers with daily bank activity.

Match activity

Create rules to match the bank activity.


Maintain an updated financial budget with R365. Easily budget for multiple locations at a time, automatically pulling data from food and recipe costs, inventory, and more.

Drill down into your performance

Identify problem areas with detailed reports and visualized trends.

Grant or restrict access

Apply secondary security roles as needed to grant or restrict a primary user’s access to additional modules, screens, features, locations and menus.

Create budgets efficiently

Reuse a budget from prior year actuals or start with a blank template.

Fixed Asset Management

Track each of your fixed assets in R365, then perform automatic depreciation based on the asset classes and categories that you set and maintain. Track the lifetime costs of all your fixed assets, including real property, kitchen equipment, furniture, technology and more.

Determine an asset’s lifetime cost

Track your asset’s purchase price, along with depreciation and costs for repair, maintenance and more to calculate its lifetime cost.

Track construction in progress

Track costs of aggregated assets during construction of a new location and break those into individual assets once the store opens.

Easily transfer assets

Transfer an asset to another location and the system calculates the cost of the asset for each store.

Track service plans

Get reminders for scheduled service of kitchen equipment, delivery trucks and more.

Receivables Management

Automate and centralize your accounts receivables from within R365. Simplify the collection of receivables from catering, house accounts, franchising and other unique payment types.

Streamline franchise receivables

Pull sales data from franchise locations directly from the integrated POS system, then automatically generate royalty invoices and receive ACH bank transfers directly from franchisee accounts.

Simplify house account receivables

Pull sales data for house accounts from the POS, then automate the invoice and collection process.

Manage catering receivables

Generate automated statements for your catering business, then email them from within the catering module.

Simplify receivables from unique payment types

Use a bank rule to automatically capture deposits from unique payment types, such as delivery services.

Financial Reporting

Gain full access to financial reports (balance sheet and P&L statement) on a daily basis and automatically disseminate that information securely on a need-to-know basis, enabling proactive decision making at the corporate and store level.

Run the report across all locations

Choose categories (i.e., by region, concept, etc.) with the option of seeing only certain categories or all locations on the report.

View a comparative analysis by location

Compare the performance of all your locations side by side.

Create or modify ad hoc reports

Slice and analyze data and display the report as a chart, table, or pivot table.

Payables Management

Eliminate costly third-party bill paying services. Streamline your accounts payable with the only restaurant-specific accounting solution that integrates end-to-end AP automation into one system.

Capture invoices

Upload the invoice or scan it from your mobile device. Alternatively, allow your vendors to send invoices directly into R365.

Streamline approvals

Establish a chain of automated approvals by amount or vendor, then the system automatically routes it for approval and provides a dashboard for needed approvals.

Automate payment processing

Eliminate manual check writing and let R365 automatically process the check, ACH or ACH+ payment, or use a single-use virtual card.


Never get the lights shut off again because someone didn’t approve the utility bill. Eliminate manual workflow processes by establishing a chain of automated approvals for specific amounts and transaction types (AP invoices or journal entries) in the R365 Workflows feature.

Automate workflow

Eliminate approvals by email and other manual processes to save time and ensure correct routing of invoices, reducing errors and missed payments.

Establish workflows

Institute workflows for each location or location reporting category, as well as for specific vendors.

Set up thresholds

Create up to 10 approval levels, as necessary, for each workflow.

User Location Security

Maintain security and reduce errors by granting users access to specific locations, giving them access to only the information they need.

Assign user locations

Specify which location(s) an individual user can access.

Set GL account location security

Limit accounts for use on only select locations or groups of locations.

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Steve Song, CFO
Luke’s Lobster

Rather than just recording what has happened in the past, Restaurant365 provides tools to better manage business, labor, food cost tracking, waste, ingredient pricing and more. We also love the fact you can go back in time and fix mistakes, whereas with other software, you can only put a band-aid over it rather than solving the underlying problem.”

Michael Z.
VP of Finance


Overall: Fantastic. Strongly recommend.

Pros: Master Chart of Accounts, Vendors, and Customers. Easy to navigate for inexperienced users. Vendor AP FTP/EDI integration. POS integration. PR Adjustments. Bank integration. Ability to filter and search across all modules. Intercompany transaction automatic entries, cloud based. Constantly evolving.”

Rating: 5/5

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