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R365 Referral Program

Unlock Rewards and Empower Restaurants!

Are you passionate about the restaurant industry and eager to earn extra income?

Introducing the R365 Referral Program where you can earn up to $5,000 for providing potential restaurant customers that sign with Restaurant365, the industry’s only all-in-one, integrated restaurant management solution. Leverage your network to earn extra cash, while building relationships with other restaurant professionals and helping them improve their operations.

How It Works

1. Refer a Restaurant to Us:

Anyone can participate! Simply complete the form to start the process.

2. Share Potential Restaurant Customers and Build Your Network:

With our program, you can refer any US restaurant, regardless of size, to Restaurant365.

3. Warm Introductions:

Provide R365 with a warm introduction to your contact. If they sign up and implement R365, you'll receive the referral spiff. Your referral spiff equals 80% of the customer's first month’s Recurring Revenue (MRR)—up to $5,000!

4. Monthly Spiff Payouts:

We believe in promptly rewarding our partners. Referral spiffs are paid within one month after the new customer's first payment is posted, ensuring you receive your well-deserved compensation in a timely manner. For more details, refer to the information provided in your registration document.

Why refer Restaurant365 ?

Here’s why our solutions are a perfect fit for restaurants of all sizes: 

POS Integration

R365 seamlessly integrates with your POS system to pull detailed ticket-level sales and labor data daily, automatically generating accurate journal entries.

Restaurant-Specific Accounting

Empower managers with such features as cash management, digital invoice uploads, and the power to make informed decisions using a daily P&L.

Easy-to-Use Operations

Take control of your food cost and increase profitability with data-driven inventory management, labor optimization, scheduling, and payroll.

Inventory Management

Business Intelligence Reporting

Use real-time data to enhance decision-making across your company with our comprehensive reporting and dashboard features.