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Modern Inventory for Better Margins

R365's Inventory Management automatically provides accurate, up-to-date information to identify and close the gap between actual and theoretical food costs.

Inventory Management

Control Food Costs

Simplify inventory with our mobile app, automatically transfer inventory between stores, break down the cost details of menu items, and grow margins.

restaurant inventory management software
Purchasing and Receiving

Purchasing and Receiving

Increase Efficiency

Save on Cost of Goods Sold and your team's time by automating your purchasing and receiving processes.

Commissary Kitchens

Ensure Company-wide Consistency

Streamline your restaurant group's footprint and boost profits by prepping major menu items in a commissary.

Commissary Kitchens
restaurant Reporting


Reduce CoGS, Boost Margins with Data

Use out-of-the-box or custom reports to get insights into your menu's profitability, actual and theoretical costs, and drive more efficient Prime Cost.

R365 Customers Excel with Seamless Back-Office Operations

The scheduling module makes it very clear who is scheduled for overtime and who isn’t. I really like that I can see things broken down by department instead of only by employee, and it’s very simple to copy and paste from one week to another.
Kevin Grant,
Zia Taqueria
Zia Taqueria
I saw that if we could reduce labor by 2%, we would save around $40,000–$60,000 a year. Thanks to R365, we’ve done even better than that. We were at 40-46% for labor. Now it’s between 35-38%. Overall, we’ve saved about 5% on labor as a percentage of sales.
Jaylene Shafar,
Restaurant Coordinator
Zullee Mediterranean Grill (Formerly Kabob House)
Kabob House
All-in-One Restaurant Management Software

Inventory Management

Reduce Food Costs with Industry-Leading Inventory Management

Automate your inventory management processes, from counting and transferring to ordering and invoicing. Reduce food costs with smart ordering that prevents over ordering and use our actual versus theoretical food cost analysis to minimize food waste, errors, portioning issues, and theft.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about R365 Store Operations and Inventory Management.

By tracking demand and margin contribution, you can make adjustments to your menu such as adjusting prices higher or lower, eliminating items, and maximizing profitability by promoting your most profitable menu items and encouraging customers to buy what you want them to buy.
Yes. The counts are updated in real time, so more than one person can count simultaneously without duplicate counting.
There is no need to manually enter the transactions. Every time your restaurant buys, counts, transfers, or wastes inventory, it is automatically entered as a journal entry in your accounting general ledger.

R365’s integrated inventory tracks your items, auto-updates item prices, records stock counts, and automatically creates adjusting entries.

Restaurant365 does the heavy lifting for you, creating an integrated POS system that saves you time, eliminates errors, and provides deeper insights into restaurant labor costs.

R365 makes it easy for users to purchase the right amount of food based on past data and future forecasts, preventing them from overspending and ensuring they have enough to meet their expected needs. 

Save on CoGS with Automated Inventory Management

Easily manage inventory, reduce food waste, and lower CoGS. R365 automates the inventory management process and enables more than one person to count inventory in real-time on our mobile app.