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Move Faster with Automated Tip Management 

R365's Tip Automation eliminates outdated spreadsheets and tip calculators, streamlining and integrating the entire process so managers can spend more time on what matters most. Fill out the form for early access.


Tailor Automated Tip Rules to Fit Your Business

Empower leaders to save time by setting unlimited tip distribution parameters and modify them as the business evolves.


Simplify Tip Management for Payroll & Accounting

R365's Tip Automation automatically pushes POS, tip rules, and payroll information to the appropriate department to ensure tips are properly paid and recorded every time.


Drive Performance, Accountability, & Retention

Attract, empower, and retain top talent with sophisticated, structured tip management software that formalizes tip management and monitoring.

Front of House Restaurant
R365's Tip Automation gives me four to five hours of my week back. Now, it's simple for me to delegate and teach someone how to use tip automation versus a spreadsheet, and from an employee standpoint, it's regulated; they know a software is managing the process, so it builds trust.
Chad Arnold,
Summer Moon Coffee
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