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Franchise Finances: Navigating Success with Restaurant365 Accounting

The restaurant industry stands as a unique realm, where the alchemy of turning raw ingredients into savory delights and crafting memorable experiences defines its essence. However, many restaurants find themselves shackled by generic accounting systems and cumbersome processes, hindering their ability to efficiently manage and analyze crucial data, ultimately impeding business growth.

Enter restaurant-specific accounting solutions—a game-changer. These tailored systems liberate leaders from the tedium of manual accounting tasks, empowering them to seize control over food and labor costs, trim operational overheads, and pave the way for sustained success. Join R365 Senior Customer Success Manager, Dave Mortensen alongside John Scott, CFO at Angry Chickz and Scott Putman, VP of Finance at Dave’s Hot Chicken as they delve deep into the indispensable components of restaurant accounting systems and the success they’ve had. Discover how these systems revolutionize every facet of their business, promising a transformative journey towards operational excellence.

Meet the Speakers

David Mortensen

Senior Customer Success Manager
David Mortensen is an Austin-based customer success manager with Restaurant365 who focuses on ensuring restaurant operators have everything they need to leverage the platform to grow. David came to R365 after more than a decade of back-of-house leadership and chef positions in several Texas restaurants, giving him unprecedented insight into operational and financial best practices. David, who was also a front-of-house manager, started at R365 as an implementation coach, helping clients get a strong start with R365’s end-to-end Restaurant Enterprise Management platform, and today helps owners, operators, and managers of companies ranging from New England’s iconic Frank Pepe Pizzeria to Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburger sharpen every aspect of the business. When he’s not helping restaurants thrive, David is playing either the guitar or drums while starting a Metallica cover band with his wife and two children.

Scott Putman

VP of Finance
Scott Putman is a dedicated financial professional with over 15 years of experience in the restaurant space with notable brands, including Mendocino Farms, Wetzel’s Pretzels, and Dave’s Hot Chicken. Known for a wide range of versatility within organizations, he has a proven track record for supporting high-growth, multi-unit restaurant groups. Scott is passionate about restaurants and continually seeks technology and systems that can increase unit efficiencies, profitability & ROIC. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on franchising, Scott strives to make a positive impact both with his peers and the franchisees he supports.

John Scott

Chief Financial Officer
Scott has held financial leadership positions as CFO, VP of Finance and Treasurer at several iconic brands and franchise organizations over the past 23 years that include: Yoshinoya America, Mountain Mikes Pizza, Pieology Pizzeria and BJ’s restaurants. Scott is known for optimizing financial structures, fostering strategic partnerships, and driving sustainable growth. His approach aligns seamlessly with Angry Chickz’s commitment to financial strength, stability, and innovation.