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From Trash to Cash: How to Boost Profits by Reducing Food Waste

U.S. restaurants generate over 11 million tons of food waste annually, costing the industry more than $25 billion. Though this presents a significant challenge, it also offers a massive opportunity for restaurants.

Reducing food waste is not just an eco-friendly initiative. It’s also a smart business strategy. The proof is in the numbers: Restaurant365 helped restaurants cut their food waste by an estimated $318 million in 2023, equating to approximately 1.2% of total food sales.

In this webinar, discover how advanced food-saving features like precision forecasting, integrated inventory management, and waste tracking are transforming restaurant operations and boosting profits.

Meet the Speaker

David Mortensen

Senior Customer Success Manager
David Mortensen is an Austin-based senior customer success manager with Restaurant365 who focuses on ensuring restaurant operators have everything they need to leverage the platform to grow. David came to R365 after more than a decade of back-of-house leadership and chef positions in several Texas restaurants, giving him unprecedented insight into operational and financial best practices. David, who was also a front-of-house manager, started at R365 as an implementation coach, helping clients get a strong start with R365’s end-to-end Restaurant Enterprise Management platform, and today helps owners, operators, and managers of companies ranging from New England’s iconic Frank Pepe Pizzeria to Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburger sharpen every aspect of the business. When he’s not helping restaurants thrive, David is playing either the guitar or drums while starting a Metallica cover band with his wife and two children.

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