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Capture AI: The End of Restaurant Invoice & AP Inefficiency

Manually processing invoices steals countless hours from restaurant leaders every day. With R365’s Capture AI and machine learning, invoice information is extracted from scanned and digital documents in seconds, then quickly, accurately, and automatically shuttled into payment processing and accounting records.  

Watch as industry vet, Top Chef competitor, and Solutions Engineer Rich Sweeney looks at how R365 is deploying technology to make accounts payable smarter, giving restaurant managers, operators, and back-office teams more time to focus on the work that truly matters

Meet the Speaker

Rich Sweeney

Solutions Engineer

For the last 15 years Chef Rich Sweeney has been an owner, consultant, executive chef, and director of culinary Development. His experience in restaurant operations ranges from his own restaurant in San Diego, a regional multi-unit concept, and up to nationally recognized brands. Chef Rich grew up in the restaurant industry, and after putting lots of blood, sweat, and tears into the operation and development of restaurants, he is excited to now be putting his skills to use continuing to help other restaurant owners & operators thrive and grow as a part of the team here at Restaurant365. He loves great food and great conversation, so he is excited to be here with all of you – Oh yeah, and he was on Top Chef, too