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Level Up Team Training with ExpandShare by R365

Struggling to train your restaurant crew? Restaurant365’s got your back! Learn how ExpandShare by R365 can help build custom training plans, find pre-made courses, translate materials for everyone, and track progress – all to create a superstar team!

Watch this webinar to discover how ExpandShare by R365 drives stronger team performance with smarter, faster training.

Hosted by R365 product expert Ty Shehadi, this session highlights:

Meet the Speaker

Ty Shehadi

Product Sales Lead
Ty Shehadi, R365 Product Sales Lead for Employee Training, brings his hospitality tech expertise and restaurant owner experience to this informative session. Join Ty as he unveils Restaurant365’s new training solution.
Eddy Salas
Solutions Engineer
Philip Gay
John Kaufman

Partner, EYAS Capital, Burger King Franchisee