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R365 Coaching Session

Master Accounts Receivable and Payable with Restaurant365 Accounting

Are you ready to take control of your restaurant business’ financial health in 2024? Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager Brian Akerson and Sr. Customer Success Manager Molly Gronbeck shows how to master accounts receivable and payable with Restaurant365’s cutting-edge accounting solution, complete with seamless vendor and payment integrations!  

Why watch this webinar: 

🚀 Harness the power of Restaurant365’s accounting features for streamlined financial management 

🔄 Seamlessly integrate vendors and payments to save time and reduce errors 

🎓 Exclusive insights from Brian Akerson, a seasoned restaurant finance expert 

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Meet the Coaches

Brian Akerson
Brian Akerson
Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager
Molly Gronbeck
Sr. Customer Success Manager