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Reign Supreme: Whopper Sized Wisdom for Burger King Franchise Growth

Growing your Burger King franchise comes with its unique set of challenges, from managing finances to ensuring operational efficiency. Watch for an insightful discussion featuring special guest, multi-unit Burger King franchisee Philip Gay, Partner at Eyas Capital, Kim Kilgore, Senior Accounts Manager at Paperchase, and Eddie Salas, Solutions Engineer at R365 as they unveil the proven tactics and key strategies for mastering the Burger King franchise game. Get expert insights and practical tips to overcome these challenges from Paperchase’s hospitality accountants who leverage R365’s reporting to bring financial success to Burger Kings across the country.

Key Topics:

🔍  Mastering Accounting: Dive into optimizing financial health and ensuring compliance in the Burger King ecosystem.

🔧  Operational Efficiency: Learn how to streamline day-to-day operations and maximize productivity without sacrificing quality.

📊  Driving Profitability: Discover innovative approaches to boost margins and achieve sustainable growth in your Burger King franchise.

Meet the Speakers

Eddy Salas
Solutions Engineer
Kim Kilgore

Senior Accounts Manager

Philip Gay

Partner, EYAS Capital, Burger King Franchisee

John Kaufman

Partner, EYAS Capital, Burger King Franchisee