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Revolutionize Workforce Management:

Hire and Pay Employees Faster to Help Boost Retention

There’s no denying it – the restaurant industry is a whirlwind of constant activity, posing considerable complexities when introducing innovative solutions and novel approaches.

The transition towards digital platforms can be a gradual process, straining restaurant teams and often leading them to rely on more conventional analog methods for workforce and payroll management. Unfortunately, this can impede the realization of ultimate success.

Leaders in restaurant HR and operations must dedicate their time to pivotal aspects such as enhancing guest experiences, fostering team engagement, and boosting productivity. This webinar delves into the realm of modernizing workforce management and payroll systems, along with the associated advantages.

It covers the keys to:

Meet the Presenter

Leon Graves

Senior Manager, Solutions

Leon Graves is a Senior Manager of Solutions at Restaurant365. Prior to joining Restaurant365, he spent two decades in the restaurant industry. During his operational career, he ran 24 Diner and was part of the leadership team at ELM Restaurant Group, an Austin restaurant group.