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What’s New in Restaurant365

Restaurant365’s product team looks at features and products recently added to the platform and how leading restaurant companies are already using them to drive efficiency, margins, and guest experiences.

Get a hands-on look at R365 Intelligence, which provides real-time, easily distributable visualizations of key restaurant metrics. We also dive into new mobile features that make in-store and back-office operations more efficient than ever and payroll updates that will have every member of your team celebrating on payday and every day in between. 

Meet the Presenters

Jayde Berenzon

Jayde is a product marketing manager at R365 with more than 20 years of tech experience with a heavy focus on consumer electronics, medical, and SaaS. She has owned and operated several successful businesses. She also worked in restaurants for several years and believes in and is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance businesses and restaurant ecosystems. 

Jonah Schrowang

Jonah Schrowang is the Product Manager for mobile apps at R365. He’s worked in software for ten years, solving problems and creating delightful experiences in industries ranging from EdTech to security. Before software, his service experience includes managing Starbucks and Pizza Hut Express at Target. He loves food, cooking and sampling restaurants in his hometown of Austin, Texas and his current home in New York City.

Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton is one of the Product Owners for Payroll at R365. She has an accounting background and over 8 years of experience as the head of global payroll in the technology industry. Sarah specialized in policy development and implementing software to create a seamless integration between accounting, payroll and HR. Before diving into the corporate world, she spent 12 years in the restaurant industry filling every position from dishwasher to general manager. During this time she found her love of French food and full body wines. When she’s not working you can usually find her traveling with her family or on the mats at a local Jiu jitsu school.

Esther Brooks

Esther is an accomplished Enterprise Customer Success Manager with an impressive track record spanning over two decades in hospitality operations management and finance. While in the role of CFO for a boutique restaurant group, Esther implemented R365 for her then employer in 2017. During this time, she recognized the profound impact of cutting-edge technology on the restaurant industry. Witnessing the transformative power of technology, she made a pivotal decision to become a service and channel partner of R365, providing innovative solutions for small and midsized business in the Denver area only to join the team full time in 2022.