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What’s New at Restaurant365

2023 was a big year for Restaurant365, and we’re not slowing down in 2024. Watch as our R365 product leaders take a look back at how operators are using many of 2023’s biggest innovations to drive success and what’s on deck for next year. We look at:  

Get ready to be inspired and equipped with a new set of tools to help you tackle any challenge and seize every opportunity in the new year.  

Meet the Speakers

Jayde Berenzon

Product Marketing Manager

Jayde is the product marketing manager over Workforce at R365. Jayde has more than 20 years of tech experience with a heavy focus on consumer electronics, medical, and SaaS. She has owned and operated several successful businesses. She also worked in restaurants for several years and believes in and is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance businesses and restaurant ecosystems.   

Henry Escobar

Operations Product Manager

Henry Escobar, Operations Product Manager at Restaurant 365, He brings a wealth of experience from his nine-year tenure as a former restaurant operator in the fast casual industry. With five years of excellence in implementation and product development roles at R365, He has a deep understanding of the industry and a customer-centric approach, Henry continues to drive innovation, ensuring that the solutions provided by Restaurant 365 consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

Jonah Schrowang

Product Manager

Jonah Schrowang is the Product Manager for mobile apps at R365. He’s worked in software for ten years, solving problems and creating delightful experiences in industries ranging from EdTech to security. Before software, his service experience includes managing Starbucks and Pizza Hut Express at Target. He loves food, cooking and sampling restaurants in his hometown of Austin, Texas and his current home in New York City.