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Why Restaurant-Specific Accounting Matters

There’s no industry quite like the restaurant business. From turning hundreds of ingredients into delicious meals to setting the stage for countless memories, there’s a reason so many lives revolve around them. Yet many restaurants today are dragged down by generic systems accounting systems and processes that leave them struggling to effectively manage and analyze data and the overall business. 

With restaurant-specific accounting, leaders spend less time struggling with manual accounting processes and more time confidently moving to control food and labor costs, reduce operating overhead, and drive long-term success. R365 Solutions Engineer Anthony Lucero, who has more than two decades of restaurant accounting leadership experience at top brands, takes a deep dive into everything restaurants need from their accounting systems, and how having them revolutionizes every aspect of the business. 

Meet the Speaker

Anthony Lucero

Solutions Engineer

Anthony Lucero is a seasoned hospitality accounting veteran with more than 20 years in roles ranging from controller to VP of Finance to CFO and both for family and private equity-owned groups. He most recently helped Texas’s Smokey Mo’s BBQ grow from five to 18 units while leading a transition from QuickBooks to Restaurant365. Anthony lives in Austin, TX, with his wife and three children and spends his weekends either playing soccer or traveling for his kids’ sports teams.