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...important than ever. Here’s where a restaurant employee handbook comes in. While often seen as dusty, boring tomes, employee handbooks should be the heart of
R365 is excited to be included in this article by Built In LA in which three customer success leaders share their advice for handling the
...on the other hand, monitors everything affecting your food and beverage products, including sales and transactions through an integrated POS system, but it also accounts
...help you lay the foundation for a strong operation and allow you to make informed decisions now and for the future of your restaurant. Your
...into the food to squish it all together. This delicious mess of sauces and spices is not only mixed by hand, but eaten with your
...above. This is just meant to reaffirm that the candidate is capable of handling tough customers. How do you handle being in the weeds? This
...necessary that the customer and our CS team work hand-in-hand. We have become experts at collaborating and communicating with our customers during this process. We
...handling tough customers. How do you handle being in the weeds? This answer will let you know how the candidate handles pressure.  You want someone who
...hand-in-hand, making it important for employees to balance several tasks at one time without losing focus. Strong servers treat every table as if it were their only
...credit card fraud, check fraud, and cash theft. Implement Strict Cash Handling Policies One of the most common types of fraud in restaurants is cash
...analyzing how often you need to make new purchases. 9. Monitor inventory days on hand Your inventory days on hand (DOH) represents the average amount
...to sheet), and includes pars. Order on time. Rushing through an order does not allow efficient time to count on-hand inventory accurately, which will lead
...Using par levels based on real usage and not just a “guess” creates more accurate orders. Mistake #2: Inaccurate Forecasting Inventory is expensive. Having too
...listen, focus, and express themselves calmly and clearly. 8. Handling Finances Servers are expected to operate the POS cash register and handle currency and credit
...see it all firsthand. It felt a little like stalking. The morning after sessions like this we’d hit the office early and design solutions to
...what is left as sitting inventory afterward. Some parts of tracking inventory pull from sales data, but other responsibilities need to be completed by hand
...have on hand represents a large part of your budget. Because food and beverage costs make up a large part of a restaurant budget, your
...portioning mistakes, kitchen waste, or server errors. The other part of inventory relies on manually counting inventory quantities and tracking ingredient usage by hand. Despite
...your sales forecast to determine what product you will need until the next order. Inventory is expensive. Having too much inventory on hand decreases your
...Jabs stated. Additionally, there was a separate database for each restaurant location, which required pulling data and entering it manually into the system. Each accountant
...full shot. How did you handle it? Hearing applicants articulate specific examples of how they handled difficult situations in the past will help you determine
...Beer and sports go hand-in-hand. Knowing that it will be one of your top sellers, consider having a manned, cash-only or handheld credit card reader
...Lean Six Sigma put products into customers’ hands more quickly. The first step is to identify the root cause of the issues that are at