Why R365?

All-in-one Restaurant-specific Accounting and Operations Solution

The restaurant industry’s challenge of using multiple, disparate systems that don’t talk to each other and don’t share a common database, combined with lack of integration between accounting and POS systems, payroll processors, vendors, and banks was the inspiration behind Restaurant365.

Restaurant365 is an all-in-one, restaurant-specific accounting, HR+payroll, operations solution designed to help restaurants run more efficiently and profitably. The cloud-based platform seamlessly connects to all the top POS systems,  vendors and banks — giving your technology the ability to “talk” to each other without time-consuming and costly workarounds and customizations.

Restaurant Accounting

With R365, your accounting system incorporates all the features you need to run a successful restaurant business.  Restaurant365 supports your accounting, whether you manage it in house, outsource it to one of our accounting partners, or a combination of the two models. R365 is as flexible as you need it to be.

General ledger

Maintain the financial health of your restaurant business.

Bank reconciliation

Reduce the time it takes to reconcile your books from days to minutes.


Maintain an updated financial budget and allows multiple-location budgeting simultaneously.

Fixed asset management

Track the lifetime costs of all your fixed assets, including real property, kitchen equipment, furniture, technology and more.

AP automation

Streamline the invoice capture, approval and payment process.

Stock inventory mobile app

Restaurant Operations

Everything you need to operate your restaurant business lives in the same system, so you can make your restaurant operations more efficient, and ultimately more profitable. It also means no more emailing reports between accounting, operations and store managers.  Everyone has access to the same data at the same time.  Simply log into R365 from your computer, tablet or phone and access real-time data that tells you how your restaurant business is performing at any given time.

Inventory management

Control food costs with end-to-end inventory management from counting and transferring to ordering and invoicing.

Recipe costing

Track usage and yield from each food item to provide accurate cost on recipes.

Smart prep

Reduce waste and save on food costs.

Menu engineering

Increase profits by driving customers to higher margin items.

Commissary module

Ensure consistent production practices and even use of ingredients across all locations.

Seamless Integration

Unlike generic accounting platforms, R365 is the hub for the integration of your restaurant technology. In addition to providing a comprehensive restaurant accounting and operations platform, R365 seamlessly connects to the top POS systems, payroll providers, vendors and banks — giving your technology the ability to “talk” to each other. Full integration as an integral part of the platform means there are no costly custom integrations. 

POS system integration

Seamlessly transfer daily sales and labor data into your R365 accounting system, eliminating manual data entry.

Payroll integration

Automatically push labor data from your POS to payroll, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual data transfer.

Food and beverage vendor integration

Streamline the AP automation process and reduce vendor billing errors.

Bank integration

Shorten the bank reconciliation process from days to minutes.

Daily Reports

Accessing decision-making  sales, inventory and labor data is as simple as running a report. Record and access all your data — for all locations and concepts — in a central database. Out-of-the-box, ad hoc and custom reports facilitate data-driven decision making to increase revenues, reduce food costs and optimize labor spend.

Actual vs. scheduled labor reporting

Set goals to control labor costs.

Receiving history by item

See trends, price analysis, etc., to keep close taps on vendor pricing.

Actual vs. theoretical reporting

Compare what food you should have used versus the food the data indicates you actually used to help identify waste, errors, portioning issues or theft.

Menu engineering analysis

Encourage sales of your higher margin items.

Flash report

View a consolidated report of key metrics for one or multiple locations.

100+ other reports

Run your restaurant business more profitably.

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Glorian Leach
F&D: Cantina; Kitchen & Bar; Woodfired Italian Kitchen

If you want a successful restaurant, and at any given moment, want to understand how your business is doing while also having complete control of it, the only way to go is Restaurant365.