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Committed to Restaurants: R365's New Year's Resolutions

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Zachary Fagenson
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“Each of us has that right, that possibility, to invent ourselves daily. If a person does not invent herself, she will be invented. So, to be bodacious enough to invent ourselves is wise.” Maya Angelou. 

A new year is a time of new beginnings. It’s a new calendar, a new trip around the sun, and an opportunity to assess, examine, and plan. Of course, it’s a time for resolutions, and while keeping them is never easy, at Restaurant365, our resolve to grow, improve, and deliver even more value to our customers and all restaurants is stronger than ever.  

Why? Because after an unprecedented three years, we see that our partners’ resolve is stronger than ever. We stand in awe of the restaurant industry’s grit, creativity, and strength. It fuels a fire within us to do everything we can to support the industry that is the cornerstone of everyday life and livelihoods.  

While a new year can be a fresh start, it is also a bridge from the past, and we’re excited to continue improving upon the recent year’s work and bring to life several exciting projects that have been slowly cooking in the background. So, while we don’t know whether the scale will show a higher or lower number at January’s end, we know that we’ll be more dedicated and more grateful to our customers, the restaurant industry at large, and all those who support it on this journey of continued growth and improvement. Here are a few other things we’re thinking about for 2023:  

7. Support our restaurant partners with our work and when we enjoy a meal.

One of R365’s four core values is to Love Good Food, and it’s one we take seriously. So don’t be surprised if you or one of your managers report a sea of red R365 shirts in one of your restaurant locations. That’s just us doing a little bit extra to help you boost your top line.  

6. Order more dessert.

While new year’s resolutions often include weight loss goals, we think it’s important to remember to enjoy ourselves, which is what the restaurant industry and those who give it life are all about. Did we need to order every dessert on the menu? No, but hey, last year’s calories don’t count, right?  

5. Exercise the morning after all that dessert, maybe

We know few jobs are more intellectually and physically demanding than those in restaurants. Could you expedite 800 meals, standing on your feet, over the course of a 12-hour double shift? The mind-body connection is real, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to stay as sharp as possible to be in the best position to support our restaurant partners.

4. Continue growing our capabilities and team to support our customers in all their endeavors. 

Restaurant365 grew throughout 2022, and we’ll continue to do so in 2023. Why? Because our customers need it. We’re committed to bolstering our engineering, product, and customer success teams to ensure our restaurant partners have every available tool in their never-ending pursuit of profitability, perfect guest experiences, and growth.

3. Spend even more time with our customers.

In 2022 our product managers conducted a number of on-site visits with our customers to see firsthand how their operations work and how our end-to-end restaurant management software fits into our customers’ carefully choreographed operations. We also hosted several user conferences around the country for our customers to meet, learn, and collaborate with each other, as well as our executive team and product leaders. We’re looking forward to more in 2023.

2. Continue delivering new products and features to help restaurants seize opportunities and overcome challenges.

In 2022 we launched several new products to help restaurant operators thrive in the current environment and prepare for growth. Among them were AP Center to centralize, streamline, and, with AP Payments, automated invoice payments; Hire to help operators recruit, interview, and hire top talent; and flexible pay to offer employees the option of receiving payment after each shift.

1. Continue to add value to every aspect of your business.

Everything we do at R365 starts with this question, “How does this add value to our customers’ businesses?” This coming year, we’ll continue to ask that question of ourselves and everything we undertake, but it doesn’t stop there. As circumstances change, whether due to inflation, labor, or food costs, we’ll continue to seek and create solutions for those hard-to-under-and-manage aspects of the restaurant business where success means true longevity and growth.