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Food for Thought: Jason Hollis' Sweet Heat Smoked Pork Belly Recipe

Food for Thought: Jason Hollis' Sweet Heat Smoked Pork Belly Recipe

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Shane Houston

This month features a Texas staple from our Solutions Engineer, Jason Hollis, whose love of food started from a young age with the influence of his German grandmother.


A key part of Restaurant365’s culture and a common thread between all the members of our community is an affinity for food.

Each month, an employee’s recipe is shared throughout the organization. These recipes are more than just a list of ingredients and instructions, they give us a sneak peek into the lives of our coworkers. We have the opportunity to see special recipes that hold memories, stand the test of time, and claim a significant place in someone’s heart. 

What better way to bond and share pieces of our personal lives than with our core value of Love Good Food?

Now, enjoy this family recipe shared by our very own Jason Hollis, Solutions Engineer.

A Note from Jason

Well seasoned. This term has many different meanings but they all blend together when I think about my life and love of BBQ. My culinary journey began long before I ever donned a chef coat. It started watching my grandmother, creating wonderful savory dishes, full of spice, inspired by regional influences from her parents’ German heritage, her years spent living in Africa, and from her journey as a single mom just trying to create dishes her kids and grandkids would love. I give most of the credit for my early love of food, and my journey of creating my own culinary signature, to her.

BBQ is a huge part of Texas culture, but also exists across many cultures and serves as a medium of expression for such a wide range of flavor. The act of BBQ itself is a long and humbling game, and dialing in the spice and rub requires you to remain curious and consider what each ingredient in a recipe brings to the dish.

Spending long nights sitting around the smoker with friends and loved ones provides plenty of time for social connection and building community. You’ll learn a lot about people in these hours of waiting in anticipation of a perfectly well-seasoned and well-smoked meal. In many ways, the practice of BBQing, honing each flavor, experimenting, and iterating on a dish are all ways in which you actively share your cultural experience. There’s a beauty in the way that each ingredient has a tangible impact on how the meal turns out, in much the same way that these life experiences carry into your approach to cooking.

I’ve sometimes spent years perfecting a rub recipe, getting the balance of flavors just right, and asking friends to give their opinion on what works, and what doesn’t. Taking critique about my food with an open mind has also taught me to do so in every facet of my life. I’d like to think I’m also a work in progress, like a dish that is constantly evolving and changing, and hopefully one day, I’ll be as well-seasoned as the food I love to share with my friends and family. 



If you don’t have a smoker: follow same instructions with your oven, but pull out at 185° then turn up to 400° and finish for 10 minutes to create some bark and let seasoning caramelize

Have it Your Way!

Once you have your smoked pork belly, the possibilities for enjoying it are endless.Enjoy right out of the smoker, cut into slices as thick or thin as you like. Use pork belly to prepare sliders, tacos, eggs and “bacon”, pork belly BLTs, or any other way you like!

This pork belly rub is one that Jason has shared with so many loved ones, including his colleagues here at R365. To say that it’s a dish made with love, built on culture, and presented with pride is only a small taste of what you can expect from this sweet heat smoked pork belly. Enjoy!


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