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Podcast: How R365 Helps Restaurants Grow and Thrive

Podcast: How R365 Helps Restaurants Grow and Thrive



“I didn’t go into the restaurant business to stare at a screen all day”

-Rich Sweeney

Don’t miss this Restaurant and Retail Revel(ations) podcast on the value of seamless tech integration for restaurateurs. 

In this episode, Restaurant365 Solutions Engineer Rich Sweeney (of Top Chef fame!) explores how the right tech stack can answer the following question for restaurants:

How can we make your life easier?

From data insights into the factors driving restaurant profits and losses to new artificial intelligence (AI) tools, R365 has some amazing solutions available for today’s busy operators.

Listen to the full podcast here.

“We make things easier for our owners, our operators, our accountants, our hourly employees – everybody involved – so that work is less of a chore, and you have more time to enjoy other parts of the business.”