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Happy Valentine's Day! We Love What We Do Because of Customers Like You

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At Restaurant365, we love our customers. Every day, we go above and beyond to make sure that you feel supported and know that we are here to help your business succeed.

On this special day, we would like to spread the love by sharing a few of the many customer love notes that we receive from our amazing customers. We love what we do because of customers like you!

“The value the platform brings is worth far more than the monthly service fee, without a doubt. Restaurant365 is just fantastic, and I love it.” Kevin Grant, owner/operator, Zia Taqueria

“When I found out about Restaurant365 — fully integrated accounting, back of the house, scheduling, everything — I couldn’t believe it existed. Once I saw what it could do, I fell in love with it. The integration was by far the most important factor, but I also liked that it was a cloud-based solution and that it was extremely easy to use. Moving to it was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made.” Maurizio Cocchi, owner/CEO, Vitaly

I LOVE R365 – Holy Cow! – who knew. It has been a while since I loved the accounting and operations side of my restaurant, and this software has made it possible. I turned to this solution because, after 23 years in business, I knew I had to break all my systems and accounting and start over. I could not continue to operate for another 20 years without better systems and accounting.  The business climate is changing rapidly in California, and I had to evolve too.” Bent Hansen, Owner, Los Gringos Locos

“The value the platform brings is worth far more than the monthly service fee, without a doubt. Restaurant365 is just fantastic, and I love it.” Kevin Grant, owner/operator, Zia Taqueria

I love the support. Paul and Tyler are superheroes. They have really been the saving grace for us.” Salvatore Rotolo, VP Operations, PROTEINHOUSE

One of the things that we love about Restaurant365 is that it automatically reconciles the bulk of our transactions; all we have to spend time on are the exceptions, which the tool highlights for us. We’ve been able to cut the time we spend on bank reconciliation in half, at least. That’s been critical for us as we’ve grown, since each new restaurant means yet another bank account. In fact, the bank reconciliation feature of Restaurant365 has enabled us to grow from 18 Jimmy John’s franchise locations to 30 — without having to increase headcount in the accounting area.” Robert Madson, CFO, DD Enterprises (Jimmy John’s franchisee)

I love how you have so many ways to search for accounting transactions and the ability to filter and export into the file format that you need. I also love the visibility of everything. We have several legal entities set up and you can view all of them or filter on what you need. We had Great Plains before and paid duplicate invoices because each legal entity had their own set of COA, vendors, and customers. You weren’t able to catch mistakes as easily.” Bobbi Cheney, Regional Manager, Star Concessions

I love being able to easily maintain templates, even from within an inventory count itself. If you’re mid stock count on a Monday morning and you realize that you forgot to add a certain product, you can add it to the count and choose from within the count if you want it to be added to your template as well.” John Paul (JP) Thomas, Director of Operations, Honeygrow

“On paper supplies, for example, I can compare and see why one location is running 5.2% versus the chain average of 4.8%, while another location on the same sales volume is running, 4.6%. I can compare the two and see what item we’re using that’s more than the other location. So, I love that report for that reason.” Paul Potvin, CFO, California Fish Grill

“Rather than just recording what has happened in the past, Restaurant365 provides tools to better manage business, labor, food cost tracking, waste, ingredient pricing and more. We also love the fact you can go back in time and fix mistakes.” Steve Song, Chief Financial Officer, Luke’s Lobster

 Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day, from the R365 team!

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