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Workforce Reimagined With Payroll Automation

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Rethinking Payroll

The various tasks of payroll involve more than just processing payments and allocating tips, and the disconnect between POS and accounting systems can make payroll tasks take much longer than they need to. Because of this, payroll has traditionally been both time-consuming and cumbersome, as they touch many areas of your business. These tasks can be increasingly difficult for multi-location restaurant groups, which face specific challenges in managing payroll from other types of businesses.

Luckily, the progress made in payroll accounting software allows you to streamline these tasks by connecting your POS and accounting software, to improve your restaurant operation and give you back precious time in your day.

New Features

Restaurant365 has rolled out major enhancements to our payroll ecosystem. With these additions, operators will have access to a full range of highly sought-after features such as direct deposit, tax filing, check printing, tip maintenance, and more. Payroll administrators will also benefit from three key capabilities:

Like many people, several restaurant workers live paycheck to paycheck, and getting paid once every two weeks isn’t an ideal situation. The Same Day Pay feature seamlessly feeds directly into the Accounting and Store Operations platform, allowing owners to pay employees the day-of, instead of every two weeks. This perk doesn’t just make for happier employees, but is a great way to set yourself apart from a competitive market to attract and retain top talent.

Historically, payroll companies don’t have strong integrations with POS systems. It’s a daily challenge to get labor data from their POS solution into payroll. This feature provides full payroll automation, and integrates with over 100 POS providers, allowing your staff to focus on more mission critical functions for your restaurant—like growth!

Payroll is an accounting function, and so it makes sense to do your payroll in your accounting software. If you’re doing payroll through your POS or elsewhere, it involves manual journal entries and manually uploading files, which is both time consuming and leaves room for error. The R365 payroll solution integration removes the need for these unnecessary manual operations, another streamlined process that saves hours in your week.

A Big Impact On Operations

As with many of R365’s features, the goal is to automate tasks through integration of the various platforms you use. These new features added to payroll save time, streamline operations, and offer a better environment for your employees and business to thrive.

“Restaurant365 is the already the leading all-in-one software designed specifically for the restaurant industry,” states Mark Calvillo, Senior Vice President of Product. “But when the pandemic resulted in a staffing crisis, we knew we had to do more to help operators improve their retention rates. Workforce goes beyond our previous offering by creating connected experiences across the employee lifecycle, driving engagement and growth from an employee’s first touch as an applicant to their last paycheck and every day in between.”

To learn more about how Restaurant365’s cloud-based software brings together your accounting, store operations, and workforce to drive profit and growth, please visit our newly redesigned website at www.restaurant365.com.

To learn more about improving your payroll operations with Restaurant365, schedule a demo.