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Snarf's Sandwiches Slices Food Cost by 4%



Beloved Colorado sandwich concept Snarf’s Sandwiches had a problem. Between a growing web of house accounts, data disconnect, and a lack of reporting, the company struggled to optimize food costs and pave a path toward growth.


With Restaurant365 Snarf’s:

  • Cut food cost by 4%
  • Streamlined accounting & financial operations on a scalable platform
  • Developed robust reporting to turn managers into operators
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Snarf’s Sandwiches has been a Colorado staple since it served its first order in 1996. From a small operation in Boulder, founder Jimmy Sidel transformed Snarf’s into a thriving organization with 31 stores and plans to grow to 50. To fuel that growth, Snarf’s moved from cumbersome, manual back-office processes to Restaurant365 to streamline financial and organizational management to get greater insight and control into food costs to boost margins and drive sustainable growth.  

The Web of Accounting Complexity

Before switching to Restaurant365, Snarf’s faced significant challenges in visibility into Prime Cost and in managing a complex, growing web of house accounts. Senior Accountant Jim Wiencek recalls a time when they had hundreds of open accounts, many of which were virtually uncollectible. Additionally, operational gaps were difficult to identify and correct without an accounting system that could seamlessly communicate with its POS system. Additionally, there was a costly absence of comprehensive reporting, hindering the team’s ability to make informed, timely decisions that could directly impact the bottom line.  


"Our number one win with Restaurant365 is that when you look at food costs, we’ve become more consistent."

Integrated Sandwich Success

The transition to Restaurant365 was a turning point for Snarf’s that made the organization more efficient and empowered leaders to focus on strategic efforts to support growth and margins. Wiencek emphasized the comprehensive nature of R365, which combined accounting, finance, operations, and workforce in a single platform that seamlessly communicates with Brink POS. Custom Financial Reporting (CFR) allowed Snarf’s to tailor reports, providing stores with clearer data to guide profitable decision-making. The deposit feature quickly became invaluable, catching all discrepancies in Brink POS and facilitating timely corrections.  

One of the most significant improvements was in managing house accounts. Snarf’s overhauled their approach, slashing unnecessary accounts and implementing a more streamlined process for new accounts. The transformation wasn’t just administrative; it reflected a shift towards scalability, ensuring the business could adapt and grow efficiently.

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Winning Back Time, Boosting the Bottom Line

“Our number one win with Restaurant365 is that when you look at food costs, we’ve become more consistent,” Wiencek said. From an initial 34%, Snarf’s now consistently runs at around 30%. He attributed that to accurate costing, precise inventory management, and optimized accounts payable. The system’s efficiency enables stores to have their inventory approved by Monday after close, providing a solid foundation for subsequent financial analyses and decision-making.  

By streamlining operations, Snarf’s gained perhaps the most valuable resource: time. After implementing R365 Snarf’s leaders could proactively search for anomalies and red flags that had previously risked going unnoticed. The transition also simplified managing different entities’ financials, eliminating excessive LLCs’ complexities, and unifying across-the-board reporting.  

Fostering Smart, Sustainable Growth

From addressing immediate challenges to fostering long-term scalability, Snarf’s transition to Restaurant365 has been transformative. With a renewed focus on financial education for their GMs, streamlined operations, and a significant reduction in food costs, the company is poised to hit its goal of 50 stores.  

As Wiencek put it, “If we ever find a way to make something easier, faster, better, and more accurate, we’re going to pursue it, especially if it’s already there, like in Restaurant365.”