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ExpandShare & R365: Drive Stronger Performance with Smarter, Faster Training

Track where training is most needed and quickly build and distribute tailored courses to drive consistency, ensure compliance, retain staff, and level-up performance — all from an easy-to-use mobile app.

Maintain Consistency & Excellence

Provide the Highest Quality Experience Every Time

Train your team to regularly deliver your brand promise and culture to the highest standards.

Start & Scale with Ease

Organize & Automate Training for Managers & Teams

Starting from scratch? Jumpstart with a marketplace of ready-made, industry-specific courses. Professional services can further create custom branded content and training tracks within a user-friendly interface, simplifying setup for leaders and ensuring engaging, easy-to-follow training for teams.

Retain Talent

Invest in Team Growth & Retention

Create loyal and profitable employees by offering opportunities to learn new skills and take on new challenges.