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A More Efficient, Profitable Way To Grow

For ambitious franchise groups, more locations mean more complex operations and accounting systems. Add more brands and the task grows even more complicated. R365’s industry-specific, cloud-based accounting and operations platform seamlessly integrates with your POS, vendors, and banks to give you the ability the see and control your business like never before.

Franchise Brands Trust Restaurant365

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Maximize Your Entire Organization's Profit and Potential

“Now that we have more accurate budget data, we’re able to look for variances and make sure that we have more accuracy in what we’re doing. We’re identifying things for us to start looking at, as far as cost reduction, and sending those out to the managers in a timelier fashion. They are actually able to access it in their modules, and I believe it will give them more visibility into controlling costs.”

Sarah Ballard

BLCO Enterprises, Director of Finance

Operate Your Multi-Location Restaurant Group More Efficiently and Profitably

Tighten Day-To-Day Operations

Automate and speed up your financial reporting while reducing the chances for errors and the need for manual labor, giving you deeper, more actionable insights into your business’ operations so you can better manage prime cost and bolster your top and bottom lines.

Get Growing

Standardize your operational and accounting workflows with restaurant-specific tools and integrations that will keep your operation running efficiently no matter how many locations or brands you manage.

See The Full Picture

Cloud-based technology helps your corporate team stay in close contact with store-level managers to seize opportunities and manage challenges as they arise. Consolidated reporting provides a quick high-level overview of your business alongside the ability drill down into the details.

Partner Ecosystem

Easily Connect with Your Partners

R365 easily integrates with your POS, vendors, and bank giving you a single source of truth to help seize opportunities.

Restaurant Franchise Accounting and Operations Perfected

Powerful Financial Reporting

Take Control of Your Inventory

Manage Multiple Locations In One Place

Learn more about the only cloud-based, all-in-one restaurant-specific accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, HR, and reporting software platform that seamlessly integrates your POS, vendors, and financial institution.