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Mastering Restaurant Operations

A high-level view of strategies you can implement to master operations in your restaurant.

Restaurant employees know there’s always something that needs to get done in a restaurant. From organizing the walk-in to folding napkins for the front of house, the to-do list is never ending. 

Managers, directors, and other restaurant leadership also know the work is never done to improve different aspects of restaurant operations. The long-term health of your restaurant depends on many small choices made at the store level, day in and day out. Mastering these restaurant operations requires consistent effort and review to make sure your stores are as efficient as possible. 

Successful operations rely on intentional, strategic processes across all areas of your business. Ultimately, meeting your operational goals can save you and your staff time and energy, and add to your bottom line.

“While you are focusing on food costs, it’s important to also consider reliability in your inventory. You must ensure that you aren’t “eighty-sixing” items from your menu because it will have a negative impact on customer experience. To meet sales fluctuations, successful inventory levels should balance both an efficient approach and a strategic flexibility…”

Chapter 3 – Exceeding Guest Preferences and Expectations