Restaurant Accounting Software: Which Solution is Right for You?

This article was written by Ryan McSweeney for Upserve

Thank you, Upserve, for the shout out in your article on the best restaurant accounting software and solutions. Compeat is proud to make the list!

Running a restaurant is not just about menu planning and providing great customer service. Like any other small business, there are a lot of financial transactions and decisions that go on behind the scenes that can impact how profitable you are. So whether you just opened your restaurant or have grown into a larger operation, it’s important to have an appropriate restaurant accounting solution to meet your needs.

Luckily, there are several great options if you’re looking for the best restaurant accounting software or if you decide to outsource with a restaurant accounting services firm. Here are some of the best restaurant accounting software and solutions to help manage your financials, all of which can integrate with your restaurant pos.

“Compeat’s restaurant accounting solution allows restauranteurs to gain insight to control costs, compare financials against budget, control their bottom line, and make smarter financial decisions. For them, it’s black and white (or should we say black and red). The numbers have to be tracked and have to be balanced. With Compeat Accounting your general ledger will be more organized than ever.”

You can read the full list here: The best restaurant accounting software and solutions for your business.

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