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Make Your Restaurant Shine

R365 is a powerful operations platform that puts all of your restaurant’s operations at your fingertips. Up-to-the-minute performance data gives you and your managers the ability to sharpen operations and boost margins while integration and automation help your team spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on enhancing guests’ experiences and hitting your strategic goals.  

Industry Leaders Trust R365

Perfect Prepping, Plating, and Profit Margins With R365

“R365 has helped us increase our efficiency by giving as much transparency to as many people as we want. Any of our chefs can go in and run a P&L report to see their prime costs, so there’s a lot less of us creating reports and sending them to people and a lot more of people going in and finding out what they need to know on their own. As a result, we’ve found that there’s more engagement from our managers and chefs on food costs, which make up 60% of our expenses.”

Colin Healy

HOUSEpitality Family, Chief Financial Officer

Power Your Restaurant Operations With Smart Data

Get Better Margins Faster

Get a detailed understanding of your operations. Dig into such labor details as revenue generated by server, and labor actual vs. scheduled; and food-related reporting such as menu item profitability and popularity, item pricing across locations, actual vs. theoretical food cost, and more. Then analyze that data to drive strategic decisions and improve your bottom line. 

Master Food Cost

With smart inventory counting and management includes recipe costing, smart ordering and receiving, and menu engineering, you can operate with the confidence that your decision are no longer based on last month’s data, gut feelings, or institutional knowledge. Follow the data and forget about excess food cost.

Make Labor The Greatest Asset

With smart scheduling and a centralized dashboard, staffing transforms from a costly, convoluted guessing game into an exact science where you can provide proper support to those locations that need it most while reducing unnecessary overtime, providing staff flexibility, and scaling best practices. 

Partner Ecosystem

Easily Connect with Your Partners

Get integration to your POS, F&B and other vendors, and your financial institution. With R365, integration is included in the system so there are no costly, time-consuming workarounds.

The Perfect Price for the Perfect Solution

Whether you’re launching your dream or in growth mode, R365’s simple pricing and industry-focused offerings cover what you need to be at your best today and down the line.



Lock in continuing growth and profitability and take your operation to the next level with a complete suite of solutions.


Per location, per month billed annually or $539 billed quarterly.


Looking For More Options?

Whether you’re interested in improving accounting or HR alongside your operations or want to heat up margins with an integrated package, R365 has the right order.

Manage All Your Operations with a Single Platform

Learn more about the only cloud-based, all-in-one restaurant-specific accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, HR, and reporting software platform that seamlessly integrates to your POS, vendors, and financial institution.