Restaurant Operations

Restaurant Operations

Complete Restaurant Management Software
for Your Restaurant Business

Restaurant365 is a back-office platform created specifically for the restaurant industry. The cloud-based system is fully integrated with your POS system, food and beverage vendors, payroll vendor and bank. That means no more costly custom integrations or multiple systems to run your restaurant operations.

It also means no more waiting around while you transfer data from your POS system to your scheduling software at the end of day or emailing reports between accounting, operations and store managers.

Instead, you log into Restaurant365 and quickly understand how your restaurant is performing. Everything you need to operate your restaurant business lives in the same system, so you can make your restaurant operations more efficient, and ultimately more profitable.

And, because it’s an SaaS solution, you can access Restaurant365 from your computer, tablet or phone.

Sheet-to-Shelf Inventory

Restaurant365 tracks your items, auto-updates item prices, record stock counts and automatically creates your adjusting journal entry.  Turn in your spreadsheet for real restaurant inventory software.

  • Use suggestive ordering to purchase inventory at the right level to reduce over ordering and food waste.
  • Access interactive, real-time reports on theoretical food costs versus actual food costs.
  • Count your inventory on the go with the Restaurant365 mobile app.
  • Use the Restaurant365 out-of-the-box inventory reports or create your own versions.


Create employee schedules quickly and easily with scheduling tools designed to help you reduce labor costs and maximize profits. You can also streamline communication and connect with your staff through the free mobile scheduling app for employees.

  • Schedule different functional areas of the restaurant separately with distinct labor goals and metrics, giving you a higher degree of control over labor costs and scheduling.
  • Blackout specific days that employees may not request off, saving you the time it would take to manually deny all employee requests for those dates.
  • Pull labor data from your POS system to compare the actual shifts worked versus the scheduled shifts, giving you visibility and control over labor costs.
  • Prevent early clock ins and manage employee shift trades, availability and time off requests.

Real-Time Reports Based On Real Data

Restaurant365 brings your accounting and back-office together. Stop waiting for systems to update or speak to each other; the information is already there with Restaurant365.

  • View custom analytics for all, some, or one of your restaurant locations with the click of a button.
  • Review high-level reports of your sales, menu items, labor, inventory, food and recipe costing, accounting, and more. Yes, it’s really all here.
  • Don’t want everyone to see everything? Keep reports on a need-to-know basis with user roles and permissions.