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Podcast: Finances & Accounting Can Be Sexy

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“We love the restaurant industry, and we help restaurants thrive and grow.”

– Tony Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Restaurant365, said on the Digital Hospitality podcast, hosted by restaurant owner Shawn P. Walchef of https://calibbq.media/restaurant365-ceo-tony-smith-interview/.

There’s a reason more than 28,000 restaurants trust Restaurant365 to help them become more profitable. Check out this Digital Hospitality podcast episode to learn about co-founding the all-in-one restaurant management software company, increasing profits and efficiency for restaurants.

3 Takeaways from this Episode

Restaurant Accounting Made Sexy: When Tony Smith first started Restaurant365, accounting was a general, unsexy necessity of business in general. He and his team set out to meet the complications that are unique to restaurant accounting.

A.A.V: Always Adding Value: Tony Smith and the team at Restaurant365 begin with the fundamental question of “what value is this idea going to add” when strategizing their next move. They understand that, though it is important, a successful business is more than just a positive Yelp review.  In an industry where technology is being introduced at a rapid pace, the goal for Restaurant365 continues to be meeting needs and adding value.

Restaurant Transformation Tour: In person events are back! Restaurant365 is jumping back into things with the exciting, rockstar tour-themed Restaurant Transformation Tour that aims to cover all things to enhance restaurant success.

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