Restaurant Scheduling Software

Optimize Your Restaurant Labor Costs

Reduce labor costs and create schedules quicker with restaurant scheduling software that’s part of Restaurant365’s cloud-based restaurant accounting software and restaurant operations software for an all-in-one restaurant management solution. Streamline communication and promote employee engagement through the zero-cost mobile app for employees.

Reduce Labor Costs

Control one of your operation’s largest costs and improve your profit margins by keeping tabs on your labor with Restaurant365’s restaurant scheduling software.

Fine-tune your operation

Schedule different functional areas of the restaurant separately with individual labor goals and metrics.

Monitor overtime hours

Get alerts if employees’ schedules place them in overtime.

Optimize labor spend

Set labor goals and watch the impact of each shift.

Protect your labor budget

Prohibit employees from clocking in or out outside of a specified window around their scheduled shifts with select POS systems.

Simplify Your Scheduling

Reduce the time it takes to create and manage employee schedules with our unique restaurant scheduling software features built to optimize your time. Scheduling employees is now easier than ever with Restaurant365.

Customize your view

See only what’s important to you, whether it’s a specific job or employees who are available for a particular shift.

Create schedules efficiently

Reuse a schedule or create templates for future schedules, saving time and reducing errors.

Enforce blackout dates

Ensure full availability of staff by prohibiting employees from requesting time off on your busiest days.

Engage your Employees

Easily engage your employees with the zero-cost Restaurant365 mobile app.  Employees can view their schedules and submit requests from their iPhone or Android device.

Simplify employee requests

Require employees to submit availability and shift requests directly through the mobile app.

Retain authority over scheduling

Approve or deny employee availability changes, time off requests, shift trades and shift claims.

Keep employees informed

Alert employees with push notifications on the mobile app when you publish a schedule or approve a request.


Our plans have simple pricing and robust features.

Easily Upgrade Your Scheduling

Switch to Restaurant365, the cloud-based restaurant management software solution built exclusively for restaurants and simplify your scheduling while streamlining your accounting and operations.

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