Mobile App for Restaurant Management

Access Restaurant365 Features from Anywhere

You’re on the run from one restaurant location to another and you need access to your accountingemployee scheduling, inventory data, manager log, AP transactions and more — no matter where you are. With the Restaurant365 Mobile App, you have access to all these features from anywhere.

View Sales and Labor Data

Check your daily sales summary (DSS) and labor data in real time while you’re away from the restaurant. Simply view the DSS summary report and other point-of-sale metrics on the R365 Mobile App.

View DSS info

Gain access to the daily sales summary report on the mobile app.

Review POS data

Review sales and labor data, as well as other useful POS metrics for all relevant store locations in one convenient place.

Manage AP Transactions

Upload or make a change to an invoice while you’re between restaurant locations. Easily manage AP transaction on the R365 Mobile App.

Edit invoices

View and edit invoices and credit memos.

Capture invoices

Take a picture of an invoice as soon as you receive it, then upload it to the Documents-to-Process list in the mobile app, which converts the photo to a PDF and uploads it into R365.

Upload invoices

Upload a PDF or scanned image of an AP invoice or AP credit memo to the system, then enter the details at a later time.

Approve transactions

Approve/unapprove AP transactions directly from the mobile app.

Simplify Scheduling & Employee Engagement

Engage with staff when you’re not in the restaurant with the R365 Mobile App. Approve or deny employee requests, modify shifts, create announcements, and more, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Engage with employees

Engage with staff on their own R365 Mobile App at zero cost to employees.

View employee list

Obtain employee contact information and access your employee list.

Modify shifts

Add and manipulate shifts quickly and easily from your mobile device.

Approve/deny requests

View employee requests and approve/deny them while you’re on the go.

Keep employees informed

View and create announcements from anywhere.

Oversee Inventory

Control your food costs by keeping tabs on your inventory even when you’re not in the restaurant with the R365 Mobile App.

Manage inventory

Take and manage stock counts without lugging your clipboard or laptop into the walk-in cooler or freezer.

Reduce waste

View and manage the waste log on the spot whether it’s a kitchen mishap or a spill in the dining area.

Transfer items

Transfer food items between stores while on the go.

View and Manage Logbook

Access the logbook from your mobile device to track your restaurant’s performance and communicate more effectively with other managers and employees.

Observe your calendar

View and filter the calendar on the Mobile App.

View your data

Obtain a daily overview, including paid outs, purchases, daily sales summary and more.

Resolve flagged entries

Take action on flagged entries from your high priority task list.

Manage tasks

Create and filter task lists.

Categorize log entries

View and create all log entries grouped by category, i.e., cleaning, HR, customer, etc.

Review documents

View items in the document library.

Manage Catering Events

Manage your catering events from your restaurant, at home or at the event. The R365 Mobile App makes it easy.

Examine events

View catering events on your phone or tablet.

Control workflows

Manage the catering workflow while on site at the event.

View the calendar

Access the catering calendar by the day, week or month.

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