QuickBooks for Restaurants Alternative

Restaurant365 vs. Quickbooks? No Contest.

No need to use generic accounting software any longer. Switch to R365’s complete restaurant management software built exclusively for restaurants.

Easily Switch From QuickBooks to Restaurant365

1. Sign-up for Restaurant365.

It is simple and easy. Contact us for pricing based on the number of restaurant locations.

2. Upload your QuickBooks Data.

We will work with you to convert and import all of your master files including your Chart of Accounts, Legal Entities and Locations, Vendors, & Customers.

3. Schedule your POS Integration.

A key benefit of Restaurant365 is the direct integration of your Point-Of-Sale sales and labor data into the Accounting module. Schedule a time for the connection to be established and set the time for the automatic import.

4. Choose additional Restaurant365 Modules.

Restaurant365 isn’t just awesome restaurant accounting and financial reporting, but a restaurant software platform including Inventory w/ Mobile Counts, Recipe Costing, Commissary, Catering, Scheduling, Franchising (for franchisors), and Business Analytics including Dashboards.

5. Go-live.

Set your go-live date and finalize the cut-over by importing your open transactions and beginning balances. We help you through your go-live to make sure you are getting the most out of Restaurant365.

Powerful Reporting

Question: “I’d like to get a report out of QuickBooks. I’m the regional manager for  7 of our 10 restaurants. I’d like to have a Profit and Loss Statement with the locations side by side and I need to see Prime Costs and Controllable Expenses. And I need the percentages of my beer costs to calculated off my beer sales. Oh, can you also have this report emailed to me automatically on Monday’s at 8:00 am?

QuickBooks: Sorry we can’t do that.

Restaurant365: That’s a standard report. Run it live, anytime in a browser on your Mac, PC or Tablet; or have it delivered to your inbox. And if you have a question about the beer costs, you can drill down from the report to the source AP transaction showing the line-item detail of your beer purchases.

Why Restaurants Choose Restaurant365 Over Quickbooks

Not Really Built for Restaurants Restaurant365 specializes in the following accounting software for: A Single Unit Restaurant, Multi-Unit Independent Restaurants, Franchisees, Franchisors and Restaurant Accounting Firms.
Requires Manual Adjusting Entry for Inventory Counts – QuickBooks doesn’t store your inventory items. Current item prices and stock counts need to be handled in a separate system. R365 tracks your items, auto-updates item prices, records stock counts, and automatically creates your adjusting journal entry. Restaurant365 also offers both an iOS and Android App for doing Stock Counts on your mobile device. All a major time saver.
Requires Manual Intercompany Entries – If you have multiple legal entities, you know the pain of using QuickBooks. Restaurant365 automates all intercompany transactions thus saving you loads of hours making ’Due to/from’ entries.
Requires a Separate System for POS Integration – QuickBooks has no ability itself to connect to your point of sale system thus requiring you to purchase a separate system to import (or manually enter the daily sales data.) Restaurant365 comes with direct connections to your point of sale system that happen daily.
Manual Bank Reconciliation In addition to importing bank trx’s, Restaurant365 auto-bank reconciles matched trx’s thus saving you many hours of effort each month. It also auto matches credit card deposits made.
Lack of Reporting Flexibility Manual Effort in Excel – Meaningful restaurant financials display expenses as a % of its related revenue. QuickBooks lacks the ability to customize these settings thereby requiring your staff to spend precious time manipulating the data in Excel. These reports come out-of-the-box in Restaurant365.
Manual Paidout Entry – Paidouts are entered manually into QuickBooks. Restaurant365 automates all intercompany transactions thus saving you loads of hours making ’Due to/from’ entries.
Can’t Calculate Theoretical Food Costs Restaurant365 combines your PMIX with detailed recipes with your ending inventory to provide you with your Theoretical Food Cost. Don’t spend the money on a separate food system in addition to your accounting.
Lack of Location-Level Security – QuickBooks has no security model, thus severely limiting the ability to decentralize data collection without creating more admin work. Restaurant365’s security enables opening parts of the system to store-level folks to collect data in real-time & eliminate duplicate entry.
Requires Separate System for Franchisee Billing – QuickBooks lacks any ability to help you beyond simple accounting. Restaurant365 not only gives you powerful accounting but also features that automate billing your franchisees. You will save time and money by consolidating multiple tasks into one.
Cost of Maintenance – Making & storing backups. Setting up & maintaining remote access. Tasks you won’t spend time doing because Restaurant365 is on-line.

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Urbane Cafe Managers Save 30% of their Time with Restaurant365.

Tiffany Richards
Big Red F Restaurant Group

“We have 11 restaurants and a management company, all of which are separate legal entities, and each was a separate company in Quickbooks. Any invoice that related to multiple entities would need to be entered multiple times – one in each company. We were spending hours at the end of each period reconciling intercompany differences. Restaurant365 automatically posts all the intercompany transactions so we are never out of balance.”