Web Series: From Surviving to Thriving
Essentials for a Smart Recovery

Since March, the restaurant industry has been faced with challenges unlike any we’ve ever seen. As we begin to look forward, taking time to streamline operations, find efficiencies and enhance visibility into your restaurant business will help to prepare you for a smarter recovery.

We created this web series, The Essentials for a Smart Recovery,  to provide insights into the best operational and financial practices that will be important to your restaurant business, now and in the future.

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Strengthening your forecasting and analysis

Forecasting in a time of uncertainty may seem like a daunting task, but R365 customer service manager, Marc Cohen, simplifies it in this episode, Strengthening Your Forecasting and Analysis. Learn how forecasting by revenue center and day part is the key to driving decision making that will help you control food and labor costs.

After watching, don’t forget to visit our Recovery Resource Center for more resources to guide your restaurant business to a successful recovery.

Controlling costs & returning to profitability

In this episode, former restaurant operators and R365 Operations product team, Joe Hannon and Henry Escobar discuss the best ways to manage your most controllable costs – food and labor. Learn how menu engineering can help you identify your most profitable menu items and gain understanding on tracking burdened vs. unburdened labor as you move forward. (Bonus points if you know what WEPT means after watching.)

Managing your financial health

In this insightful episode, Managing Your Financial Health, hosted by R365 implementation manager, Tyler Kump, discover tips for managing your finances through your restaurant’s recovery. You’ll learn how to calculate your break-even point, as well as how to manage your cash flow through this uncertain time. Get guidance on how to build a path that leads to a cash positive at the end of the month.

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Optimizing your staffing and scheduling

In this episode, Optimizing Your Staffing and Scheduling, R365 experts Nick Hluza and Brooke Hluza will cover mission-critical insights including hiring, retention, scheduling and employee engagement. Watch as Nick and Brooke emphasize the importance of optimizing your restaurant’s staffing and scheduling as you begin the road to restaurant recovery.

Strengthening your brand and online presence

At the core, marketing for restaurants hasn’t changed but what you promote and how you cost effectively promote your restaurant has changed. In this episode of our road to restaurant recovery web series, Strengthening Your Brand and Online Presence, R365 marketing team member, Brittany Rhyme, will highlight how to promote your restaurant’s brand and web presence, as well as provide marketing insights into third-party app delivery.  

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Visit our Recovery Resource Center for more resources to guide your restaurant business to a successful recovery.