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Build Your Practice with Restaurant365 as Your Partner

As an accounting firm for the restaurant industry, you know that the restaurant business can be a completely different model than any other type of business and has very distinct accounting needs. Utilizing Restaurant365’s restaurant-specific accounting software for your clients will help alleviate your workload (imagine an extra person) by automating time-consuming tasks, thus allowing you to focus on growing your accounting business.

See How Restaurant & Retail Financial Management Group Uses Restaurant365 to Maximize Efficiency and Grow Its Services.

Let Us Help You Serve Your Restaurant Clients

A partnership with Restaurant365 will increase your efficiency, decrease labor, and expand your services.  We want to be your strategic partner as you grow your restaurant practice.

Why You’ll Love Working with Restaurant365

Powerful Restaurant Tech

Restaurant365 is the industry’s only cloud-based, restaurant-specific software. With thousands of banking, POS, payroll and vendor integrations, Restaurant365 pulls in all of the data your team needs to provide accurate and timely information to your clients, even providing P&L reports on a daily basis. Our team is focused on bringing you and your clients new and powerful solutions that are specific to the restaurant industry.

Power Your Efficiency

With Restaurant365, you can manage multiple clients on a single platform, and complete daily tasks faster and more accurately. You can save days each month on bank reconciliation alone. By freeing yourself from time-consuming tasks, you can focus on strategic initiatives and expanding your business.

Power Your Growth

As an accounting firm partner, you benefit from our partner-specific pricing model. In addition, we provide a detailed implementation and onboarding process for you and your clients, along with a dedicated partner team to support you. Grow your business by offering new services with our restaurant operations suite, including inventory, menu costing, and scheduling.

Connect Your Technology

Centralize your data and automate tasks by connecting your POS, payroll, vendors, banks and APIs. With thousands of integrations, Restaurant365 brings it all together to become the hub of your tech stack.

Restaurant365 Accounting Firm Partner Program Details

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Dedicated Partnership Team


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Customers Who Use Restaurant365

With 12,000+ locations, 800+ brands and 20,000+ daily users, Restaurant365 works with a diverse customer base of restaurant accounting firms, multi-unit operators, franchisees, franchisors, QSR, fast casual, family dining, and fine dining concepts.

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If you are ready to expand your accounting firm business or simply reduce staff time by automating tasks, we’d love to chat and show you the power of incorporating Restaurant365 into your accounting business.