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A Restaurant Industry-Specific Solution

Go Farther with Restaurant365

For restaurants, generic accounting software like Quickbooks just doesn't hit the mark. Restaurant365 is built for restaurant operators by restaurant operators with the tools and functionality you need to pursue your passion and grow.

Easily Switch From
QuickBooks to Restaurant365

1. Sign-up for Restaurant365

It is simple and easy. Contact us for pricing based on your needs and the number of restaurant locations.

2. Upload Your QuickBooks Data

We will work with you to convert and import all of your master files including your chart of accounts, legal entities and locations, vendors, and customers.

3. Schedule Your POS Integration

A key benefit of Restaurant365 is the direct integration of your POS system’s sales and labor data. Schedule a time for the connection to be established and set the time for the automatic import.

4. Choose Additional Restaurant365 Modules

Restaurant365 is a fully integrated, all-in-one Restaurant Enterprise Management platform designed to accommodate every aspect of every sized restaurant company. Determine your needs, and which industry-specific tools fill them.

5. Get Growing

Set your go-live date and finalize everything by importing your open transactions and beginning balances. Restaurant365 is there through your go-live and beyond to ensure the platform is helping your business grow.

Powerful Reporting

“I’d like to get a report out of QuickBooks. I’m the regional manager for 7 of our 10 restaurants. I’d like to have a Profit and Loss Statement with the locations side by side and I need to see Prime Costs and Controllable Expenses. And I need the percentages of my beer costs to calculated off my beer sales. Oh, can you also have this report emailed to me automatically on Monday’s at 8:00 am?"


Sorry, it's just not possible.


That’s a standard, out-of-the-box report. Run it live, anytime in a browser on your Mac, PC or mobile device; or have it delivered to your inbox. Have a question about chicken or avocado costs? Drill down to the source AP transaction showing the line-item detail of your purchases.

Why Restaurants Choose Restaurant365 Over Quickbooks ​

General purpose for all industries.
Restaurant365 streamlines accounting, store operations, and workforce management for every kind of restaurant company, whether independent restaurant or national or international enterprise brand or franchise.
Without the ability to store inventory items, restaurant operators and teams must manually adjust inventory entries and totals in a separate system.
R365 tracks your items, auto-updates item prices, records stock counts, and automatically creates your adjusting journal entry. Restaurant365 also offers iOS and Android apps that include inventory, boosting accuracy, and saving your team time.
Requires manual intercompany entries, which becomes increasingly complicated and time-consuming for each additional legal entity.
Restaurant365 streamlines intercompany transactions with automatic recording.
Requires a separate system for POS Integration, increasing workload and chance of errors.
Restaurant365 directly connects to your POS system, automatically imports data, and provides accurate reporting so you can better understand your performance and forecast with confidence.
Time-consuming, manual bank reconciliation
R365’s direct integration with your financial institutions reduced bank reconciliation from days and weeks to hours while boosting accuracy and data utility.
Without integration, downloading, cleaning, reuploading, and processing data is time consuming and rife with errors.
Restaurant365 offers a wide variety of out-of-the-box and custom reporting.
Generating actual vs. theoretical cost reports is time-consuming and inaccurate.
Restaurant365 vendor integrations and recipes allow you to create dynamic theoretical cost reports to compare to actual prices of ingredients and kitchen performance to spot potential opportunities and where you might be leaking profit.
QuickBooks has no security model, severely limiting your ability to decentralize data collection without creating more administrative work.
Restaurant365 empowers store-level managers and other team members to collect data and deliver real-time information to help drive growing margins.
Requires a separate system for billing franchisees.
Restaurant365 automates billing your franchisees, helping your organization save time and money and it scales.
Maintenance requires significant labor and capital.
With R365, there’s no need to make and store backups or set up and maintain remote access. It’s all part of the platform.

How R365's Customers
Excel Restaurant-Specific Tools

We’ve got large volume restaurants that are buying a ton of stuff. Instead of sitting with a big vendor invoice and entering everything line by line, approving invoices on a weekly basis now takes 30 minutes instead of four hours. It’s quick and easy and accurate, and gives us that time back so we can manage the restaurants.
Wes Johnson,
Buckhead Management Group
Buckhead Management Group
Restaurant365’s integration is a godsend. The automatic pulling of POS data and the automatic creation of sales and labor journal entries alone saves at least 5 hours a week from our old process.
J.J. Pledger,
Twisted Root Burger Co.
Twisted Root Burger Co.
I’ve been in restaurant accounting my whole career and never saw anything that integrates so nicely and cleanly.
Amanda Jabbs,
Food Fight Restaurant Group
Food Fight Restaurant Group