Strategically Schedule Your Employees

Use dynamic sales and labor reports to identify the ideal staffing levels that provide guests and employees with memorable experiences while improving margins.


Simplify Scheduling and Engagement

Use R365's mobile app to check on your team, your daily sales summary, and labor data in real-time whether or not you're in your restaurant.

R365 Sales & Labor Data

Labor Optimization

Optimize Costs with Scheduling and Labor Tools

Use past sales data to forecast future sales and create more informed schedules that optimize labor performance and cost.

Employee Engagement

Engage Employees Across Locations

Employees can view their schedules and submit requests from their iPhone or Android device.

Labor Reporting

Labor Reports That Drive Results

Choose from reports like actual versus scheduled labor, sales per labor hour, labor as a percentage of sales, labor cost per staff role, and more to better understand your needs.

Save Time and Money with R365 Integrated Labor Solutions

The scheduling module makes it very clear who is scheduled for overtime and who isn’t. I really like that I can see things broken down by department instead of only by employee, and it’s very simple to copy and paste from one week to another.
Kevin Grant,
Zia Taqueria
Zia Taqueria
I saw that if we could reduce labor by 2%, we would save around $40,000–$60,000 a year. Thanks to R365, we’ve done even better than that. We were at 40-46% for labor. Now it’s between 35-38%. Overall, we’ve saved about 5% on labor as a percentage of sales.
Jaylene Shafar,
Restaurant Coordinator
Zullee Mediterranean Grill (Formerly Kabob House)
Kabob House


Optimize Your Labor Spend with Smart Scheduling

Create schedules based on sales forecasts to optimize your labor spend, save time, and streamline scheduling.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about R365 Workforce and Scheduling.

Yes. Scheduling is an integral part of R365, so it is integrated with R365 Accounting and Payroll, as well as to your POS system for a daily payroll accrual.

Scheduling is cloud based, so managers can access it from any device that connects to the internet, as well as through the R365 mobile app.

Scheduling includes a mobile app at no cost to employees. They can use the app to request days off or shift changes and stay up to date with manager announcements.

Create Schedules Strategically to Save on Labor Costs

Optimize labor costs across multiple locations and empower your managers to create data-driven schedules. Use your hourly sales forecasts and custom labor model to provide managers with a suggested number of employees for each hour of the day.