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Empower Managers To Win Every Day

R365's Logbook creates strong shift-to-shift communication, aligns priorities, saves time, and keeps a record of important events to help managers get it all done.

Streamline Communication

Stay On Top of It All

Hold managers and team members accountable and stay in sync on daily activities, customer issues, maintenance problems, and more.

Put your Workforce to Work

Communicate What Matters Most

Drive efficiency and productivity across your workforce by ensuring everyone in every shift is in the know.

Empower Management

Manage Your Shift Like a Boss

Gain access to a complete workbook covering everything managers need to be strong leaders, all in one place.

Unify your Managers

Managers Unite

Get your managers on the same page so they know what to expect the moment they walk in the door.

Track Performance

Get the Full Picture

Track performance with a detailed history of trends and actions in a central source of record.

R365 Customers Excel with Seamless Back-Office Operations

The scheduling module makes it very clear who is scheduled for overtime and who isn’t. I really like that I can see things broken down by department instead of only by employee, and it’s very simple to copy and paste from one week to another.
Kevin Grant,
Zia Taqueria
Zia Taqueria
I saw that if we could reduce labor by 2%, we would save around $40,000–$60,000 a year. Thanks to R365, we’ve done even better than that. We were at 40-46% for labor. Now it’s between 35-38%. Overall, we’ve saved about 5% on labor as a percentage of sales.
Jaylene Shafar,
Restaurant Coordinator
Zullee Mediterranean Grill (Formerly Kabob House)
Kabob House


Take the Work Out of Shift Management

To boost efficiency and profits, in-store and above-store operators need a better way to communicate during and across shifts. Logbook offers a quick and easy way to know what happened each shift so the one that follows can become the best on record.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about R365 Store Operations and Logbook.

Log entries will show up on the home page of the Red App and in Smart Ops. Logbook entries are also configured to show on the Flash Report and the Daily Sales Summary.

No. Users that have access to Logbook can see all log entries except those where their own employee record has been tagged.

There are seven out-of-the-box categories available to minimize initial setup time. Currently, users can customize the description for a category to prompt the user for types of information that should be documented with each category, and they can choose which categories to enable/disable. This solution also comes with eighteen out-of-the-box tags and unlimited custom tags to help users organize their entries. 

Yes. Users can create different Logbook templates that can be assigned to locations separately.

Users can use the global search by keyword or filter log entries by tag, category, day part, employee name, or date to quickly find the information they need.

Save Time and Keep Shift Managers on the Same Page with Logbook

Enhance shift-to-shift communication by providing one place for managers to communicate shift happenings online. R365's Logbook helps operators save time, keep records, and spot trends over time.