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Since 2011, Restaurant365 has focused on one mission: helping restaurants thrive. Twelve years later, we’re proud to have helped more than 40,000 burger joints and pizza parlors, national brands and mom-and-pop diners, and food joints of all kinds reduce food cost, control labor, and manage the many tasks behind the scenes that go into serving great food.

As 2023 comes to a close, we’re here to celebrate 12 years of restaurant software with data that shows off the incredible work our customers have done over the past year.

Restaurant Operations


Restaurant Invoices Paid

Restaurant invoices are the bedrock of operational costs, meticulously organized, paid, and recorded for financial transparency and accountability. R365 empowers operators to digitally create, edit, approve, and pay the hundreds and often thousands of invoices needed to run their businesses, all while tracking for accuracy.
Journal Entries Automated
Restaurant journal entries accurately document all financial transactions, including revenue, expenses, and adjustments, ensuring comprehensive and transparent accounting records. As with invoices, the R365 platform helps restaurant operators automate and optimize journal entries, from daily sales summaries to payroll, helping teams spend less time crunching numbers and more time improving finances and operations.

Automated Payments

Automated payments streamline accounts payable (AP) by employing a dynamic system to electronically process and execute payments, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual intervention. Restaurant365’s AP Center along with AP Automation empowers restaurant operators to streamline AP through features like automatic invoice capture, approval workflows, and payments.

Inventory Items Counted

Restaurant365 Store Operations helps restaurants track and control food costs with improved inventory management processes which includes everything from counting and transfers to ordering and invoicing. Through better inventory management, we have helped restaurants reduce food costs, prevent over ordering, and run actual versus theoretical food cost analysis to minimize food waste, errors, portioning issues, and theft.

Shifts Published

Restaurant shifts are organized time periods during which specific groups of staff members work to serve guests and ensure operations are efficient and profitable. We’re proud to help our clients create a better way to manage schedules to ensure happy employees can exchange shifts while managers know they’ll always be appropriately staffed when things get busy.

Messages Sent

Our mobile app has helped restaurant managers keep in touch with their employees more frequently and accurately, allowing them to share team updates, staff changes, and everything in-between.

Restaurant Reporting


Total Reports

Restaurant reporting is the cornerstone of R365, providing operators, managers, and accountants actionable insights into the many areas of their businesses.

Weekly P&Ls

The restaurant profit and loss (P&L) statement provides a comprehensive financial overview by summarizing revenues, costs, and expenses, ultimately reflecting the net profit or loss for a specific period. Restaurant365 has helped tens of thousands of restaurants get more timely, accurate P&Ls, with many now operating on a weekly basis, to better and more regularly track and control what’s coming in and out the door.

Actual vs Theoretical Reports

Restaurant actual vs theoretical (AvT) reporting compares the actual usage of ingredients and resources in food preparation and service to the theoretical or expected usage, allowing for analysis of variances and optimization of operational efficiency. R365’s AvT tools help restaurant operators boost margins by making data-driven decisions based on tangible information that close the gap between actual vs theoretical costs.


Product Enhancements

Our product and development teams implemented over 300 product enhancements in 2023, further enhancing and strengthening R365’s all-in-one platform. Teams worked tirelessly with customers across the nation to continue to create the products they want and need, improving usability and overall performance, and helping them stay competitive in the market.

Restaurant Rockstars
Restaurants are the cornerstones of communities and economy, employing more than 12.3 million people, or about 10% of entire U.S. workforce, according to the National Restaurant Association. Our suite of products supports nearly half a million restaurant employees, and we’re constantly focused on better serving those who serve others.


Payroll Customers
R365’s payroll software helps operators navigate the many tasks to calculate and distribute wages to their employees, encompassing tasks such as salary computation, tax deductions, and ensuring compliance with state and federal labor regulations. R365’s payroll software helps operators navigate the many tasks to calculate and distribute wages to their employees, encompassing tasks such as salary computation, tax deductions, and ensuring compliance with state and federal labor regulations.

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