What’s New in Restaurant365

Check out all the new features and enhancements we released for accounting, store operations, and workforce management, to help drive growth for restaurant businesses. Please feel free to share this webinar recording with your team and drop us a line at grow@restaurant365.com, to let us know which feature you need to leverage today, to support […]

Presenting Restaurant365’s Master Class in Restaurant Operations LIVE Event

Watch the crash course master class on restaurant operations and learn the following from our R365 experts: How to make each of your managers the best managers Strategies to maintain profitability across all of your restaurant locations Resources to become a communications superstar Productivity tips and tools for managing in a digital world

Everything You Need to Know About the $28.6 Billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund

With the goal of helping restaurants keep their doors open, this program will provide restaurants with funding equal to their pandemic-related revenue loss up to $10 million per business and no more than $5 million per physical location. Recipients are not required to repay the funding as long as funds are used for eligible uses […]

Navigating the Restaurant Labor Shortage: Hire. Retain. Revitalize.

Restaurant365 teamed up with Synergi Partners, the leader in tax credits and business incentives, to bring you the latest information on the restaurant labor shortage. Many restaurants have been greatly impacted by the pandemic and are now dealing with a labor shortage as the country begins to open. Watch the recorded webinar.

Three Operators Share How They Turned Data Into Profitability at Their Restaurant Groups

Learn from your peers during this recorded panel discussion as operators share how they use data to run their multi-unit restaurant businesses more profitably and efficiently. Bricco Dining Group, for example, saved 5% on labor costs by training store-level managers how to use their data. Eli’s Restaurant Group recouped a $1.1 million prime cost gap […]

Maximizing Restaurant Accounting Efficiency to Increase Your Bottom Line

Staying competitive in the modern restaurant industry requires that you increase efficiency so that you can focus more time on strategies for reducing controllable costs and increasing revenue growth. Modern restaurant accounting methods can help you maximize accounting efficiency and identify profit leaks or trends that require action to keep you on a course to […]

Roundtable Webinar Discussion Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Restaurant Business Today

Marketing for restaurants is critical. Online presence is a key component and a lifeline for many restaurant businesses. Watch our roundtable on-demand webinar discussion as marketing professionals discuss tips on how to increase your reach both organically and in paid advertising. During this webinar you will learn: Tips on a messaging strategy Sharpening your Instagram […]

Return to Profitability Reduce CoGS and Increase Margins with Menu Engineering and AvT Analysis

Tracking actual vs. theoretical (AvT) food costs helps you identify and correct waste, errors, over-portioning and theft. Menu engineering helps maximize profitability by promoting your most profitable menu items and encouraging customers to buy what you want them to buy. Using these two key complementary approaches to optimize menus and simultaneously evaluate food cost, you […]

How to Take Advantage of New Hire Tax Credits in 2020

There are several government programs that offer tax credits of up to $9,600 per new hire. Plus, if you have continued to support your staff during the COVID-19 crisis, there are programs under the CARES Act that offer thousands per employee in credits. During this on-demand webinar our experts breakdown how to: Incorporate WOTC (Work […]