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Empowering Restaurants to Hire and Retain Top Talent

In our rapidly evolving restaurant landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Join R365’s Senior Manager, Solutions Leon Graves on for an insightful discussion on the changing dynamics of hiring and employment expectations, particularly focusing on the impact of technology and the emerging influence of Generation Z.

We look at:

1. How Hiring and Employment Expectations Have Changed: The Impact of Technology and Gen Z

  • Gain valuable insights into the shifting landscape of hiring and employment expectations.
  • Understand the influence of technology and the unique characteristics of Generation Z in the workforce.

2. R365 Hire: Enhancing Communication and Speed in Your Hiring Process

  • Explore strategies to streamline and improve the communication channels within your hiring process.
  • Discover how R365 Hire can significantly boost the speed and efficiency of recruitment, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive talent market.

3. R365 Payroll: The Advantages of Integrating Payroll and Accounting Solutions

  • Uncover the benefits of seamlessly combining your payroll and accounting solutions.
  • Learn how R365 Payroll can enhance accuracy, efficiency, and compliance in managing payroll processes.

Meet the Speakers

Leon Graves

Senior Manager, Solutions

Leon Graves is a Senior Manager of Solutions at Restaurant365. Prior to joining Restaurant365, he spent two decades in the restaurant industry. During his operational career, he ran 24 Diner and was part of the leadership team at ELM Restaurant Group, an Austin restaurant group.