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Strategies to Help you Grow Your Restaurant Business

Growing a restaurant is fraught with challenges, from managing day-to-day operations to ensuring sustainable financial health. The right technology can help you overcome these hurdles. Watch our conversation with Edgar Hernandez, Chief Financial Officer at Raydal Hospitality, David Mortensen, Senior Customer Success Manager at Restaurant365, and Abbey Caruso, Product Specialist at Square, as they share how successful restaurant leaders navigate growth challenges. Learn how restaurants like you scale effectively by using the R365 and Square integration to manage operations and finances.

Key Topics:

🧭 Navigate Growth Challenges: How do you run the floor, juggle the books, and keep the kitchen running smoothly? Hear how others made it work.

🧰 Tech Tool-Kit Essentials: Planning to open new locations or expand? Discover how restaurants leverage R365 and Square to streamline operations and implement advanced accounting strategies.

📈 Successful Scaling Strategies: Hear straight from those who’ve grown their restaurants. Get the scoop on their strategies and tips for expanding your own place.

Meet the Speakers

Edgar Hernandez
Chief Financial Officer
Raydal Hospitality Group
Abbey Caruso
F&B Product Specialist
David Mortensen
Senior Customer Success Manager