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Team engagement and productivity are key to profitability. R365 Workforce modernizes the entire employee lifecycle from hire to retire with hiring, onboarding, scheduling, payroll, and benefits tools.

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Human Resources

Benefits Administration


Find Better Talent Faster and Easier

Centralize job postings, applicant reviews, interview schedules, candidate tracking, and communication with a single solution.

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restaurant onboarding software


Optimize and Digitize Onboarding

Ensure a smooth onboarding process with an automated, error-free experience that quickly makes new employees productive team members.


Process Perfect Payroll Daily to Retain Staff

Avoid manual busy work and repetitive tasks with a restaurant-specific payroll solution that calculates, audits, and processes payroll accurately and in less time.

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employee scheduling software


Simplify Scheduling For Your Team

Promote workforce autonomy by giving your employees an app that makes it easy to swap shifts and request changes.

Human Resources

Make Your HR Team a Force Multiplier

HR tools and workflows empower lean operators to run a compliant, efficient, and scalable operation.

restaurant hr software
restaurant workforce management

Benefits Administration

Enroll Teams with Ease and Accuracy

First impressions last. Provide an easy enrollment process for existing and new employees.


How Our Customers Build the Most Productive Teams

Paper applications could get put in four different files here and there, on desks or whatever. Now, we know that there’s one place to go for all the applications. You can track each applicant’s stage in the process.
Chad Foust,
Sweet Lou’s,
Sweet Lou's
By integrating our POS, scheduling, accounting, and payroll systems, we have reduced labor hours tremendously from a support perspective, and there’s now an overall ease when it comes to transactions related to payroll.
Ryan Egozi,
SuViche Hospitality Group,
Director of Operations
R365 HIRE allows you to manage the hiring process with speed, oversight, and precision to get the best candidates for the position. It also allows my business unit leaders to get more and better-qualified applicants than they ever have before at a fraction of the price.
Joshua Funk,
TFB Hospitality,
TFB Hospitality
The Tools To Build a Winning Team

R365 Workforce

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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions by restaurant Operations and HR teams about R365 Workforce.

No. There is no limit on the number of users. You’re charged monthly per location. There are no additional per user charges.

Yes. R365 allows you to set the parameters of permissions for different users. For example, you might not want store-level managers to have access to corporate-level financial data, but you can give them access to their stores’ data.

Yes. R365 helps you stay compliant with automatic tax table updates, wage garnishment services, tip-to-minimum calculations, and overtime pay.

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