Vendor Integrations

Accurately Manage Your Vendor Invoices


Vendor integration effortlessly imports vendor invoices into Restaurant365 to improve accuracy, while keeping your vendors in check with performance insights. With vendor integration, you can easily auto update food costs and inventory based on vendors.

R365 provides integration with all major and many regional restaurant and food vendors.

Vendors with direct integration to R365 can upload or import invoices and credit memos, eliminating manual data entry of these transaction types for your store managers and accounting team and simplifying the AP automation process.

How it Works

Vendor integration in R365 allows vendors to push transaction details directly into Restaurant365 through Electronic Data Interchange. R365 supports two transaction types – AP invoice and AP credit memo, each of which can be uploaded and imported into the system.

Vendor Partners

Steve Song
Luke’s Lobster

Because all of our data is in a centralized place, someone at my level can always see what is happening at the store level. There is no need to play detective because everything is connected and synced.

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