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“I am so happy we made the move. It’s been the greatest decision we’ve ever made.” – Irene Caiazzo, Accounts Payable Manager, Speedy Romeo

Upgrade to the most powerful restaurant accounting, operations, and reporting platform on the market.

How do we stack up? See for yourself. Below is a comparison of R365 to an accumulation of several legacy products that we see our customers using before making the move. While you can’t find any one product that does everything R365 can, below is a side by side of what we move people off of every day. Many products combined to try and accomplish what R365 does all in one.


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How is Restaurant365 Different from the Other Guys?

Restaurant365 is an all-in-one platform with  seamless communication among your accounting, operations and scheduling, as well as third-party integrations (POS, Vendor, Banking, Payroll).   Our customers save hours of time and money on an all-in-one platform. We’ve seen nearly happy 100 restaurant businesses convert to Restaurant365 other legacy restaurant management platforms.

Top 10 Features That Are Better in R365

  1. Restaurant365 has one searchable instance for multiple stores rather than having a separate database for each individual store.
  2. Restaurant365 has in-system reports that drill down all the way to source data rather than just a ‘paper report’.
  3. Restaurant365 general ledgers allow for transactions to be approved/unapproved/edited by admins rather than posted and then changed with entirely new journal entries.
  4. Restaurant365 has direct bank integration that pulls in bank activity on the bank reconciliation, rather than manual file upload.
  5. Restaurant365 has security and audit history on every grid/list view.
  6. In Restaurant365, invoices show up like magic with our vendor integration, rather than having to bring them into the system through a customer-initiated process.
  7. Restaurant365 has no storage limit on invoice images
  8. Restaurant365 has an additional service option for monthly invoice entry
  9. Restaurant365 has an easy-to-use and user friendly scheduling interface.
  10. Restaurant365 has optional white glove implementation in-house, and don’t outsource to third-party consultants.

What is the cost to switch?

We have a special discount program just for customers using select legacy restaurant management software. Call for a custom quote today at (512) 566-4103.

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Urbane Cafe Managers Save 30% of their Time with Restaurant365.

Tiffany Richards
Big Red F Restaurant Group

“We have 11 restaurants and a management company, all of which are separate legal entities, and each was a separate company in Quickbooks. Any invoice that related to multiple entities would need to be entered multiple times – one in each company. We were spending hours at the end of each period reconciling intercompany differences. Restaurant365 automatically posts all the intercompany transactions so we are never out of balance.”