Compeat Empowers Users with Newly Enhanced Intelligence Tool

Continuing their mission to be the only fully integrated Accounting, Workforce, Back Office and Intelligence solution that gives a restaurant everything they need to truly streamline their operations, Compeat is proud to announce the release of their upgraded Intelligence offering.

The merger of Compeat and Ctuit, two leaders in restaurant reporting software, has resulted in best-in-class offerings that are simply unmatched in the industry.  As they continue to marry the top features of each product set, the customers are empowered to choose the level of reporting that is appropriate for them.

“From our 17 years in the restaurant industry, we understand that each restaurant is unique and requires a different level of reporting. Our new Intelligence offering allows operators to customize the granularity of how they view their data,” states Jeff Stone, CEO of Compeat.  “Data integrity is key when a restaurant is relying on it to make important business decisions. Compeat is in a unique position because we have a direct connection to POS, Accounting, Labor, Schedule and Inventory data, giving our customers more depth of data and ensuring the accuracy of the data being pulled into our Intelligence tool.”

Ctuit RADAR is known for its robust POS-centric reporting that includes over 200+ fixed reports as well as its Enterprise Report Designer (ERD) for more advanced Structured Query Language (SQL) skillset users. Compeat Intelligence has been focused on building an ad-hoc reporting tool that addresses the needs of the advanced excel-type users to customize their own reports.  By merging these two powerful tools, users can now choose the level of reporting based on their unique needs and their in-house skillsets.  With this, Compeat Intelligence will have three levels of reporting available for customers, ensuring a comfort level for every customer.

  • Standard POS-centric Sales and Labor Reports: 200+ proven RADAR legacy reports built using years of restaurant experience to improve performance at-a-glance.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting Tool: Custom report and data lookup tool that requires no programming to pull data from various sources.
  • Enterprise Report Designer: Currently available to RADAR users, ERD will be designed into the final release of Intelligence as an add-on option for SQL users. ERD allows operators to utilize their own on-staff programmers to build and publish custom-built reports with personalized formatting for their organization.

“As the restaurant industry moves toward more data-driven decision making, we realized that our customers want the freedom to pull data from a variety of sources and to be able to view it in various ways,” continues Stone.  “Compeat Intelligence is designed to give our customers the ability to access data from many different systems- point of sale data, general ledger/financial data, back office inventory data and workforce labor/schedule data- all in one single source.”

Compeat Intelligence reports and insights become more valuable as you have access to more data. Our Compeat customers can pull data from their Sales, Labor, Forecasting, Accounting, Site Administration, Inventory & Recipes, Employee Data, AP & Contracts, Manager Log and more with easy to navigate reports.  The Ad hoc tool enables power-users to manipulate the data in various ways and explore unique patterns on their own.  This level of granularity can help them further uncover business trends and red-flag outliers that impact decision making through addressing labor and food costs at a granular level, deeper analyzation of every transaction, creation of custom fraud alerts, and more.

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