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Operational Analysis Reports

Run the operational analysis reports to track performance in one or multiple store locations, using the flash report for summary information and the weekly review by location for more detailed data.

View a day’s summary with the flash report

Run the flash report for a snapshot of the day’s (or previous day’s) sales, labor and other metrics for single or multiple locations.

Get a weekly review by location

View a detailed breakdown of one location’s weekly sales by day part, service type, account, net sales vs. last year, last month and last week; guest counts and average check, cost analysis (purchases by cost account), key controllable expenses, and labor.

Receiving Reports

Run receiving reports every two or three days to keep close tabs on vendor pricing.

Identify pricing errors

Run the contract violations report to see any items outside of the contract price for a specified date range and have vendors correct any violations.

Compare item pricing across locations

View the average price paid for each item in a date range per store and then see the aggregated averages from lows to highs across all stores to show the variance between the store that is paying the lowest cost vs. the one that is paying the highest cost, on average.

See side-by-side store costs by item or category

Get detailed pricing data by category or individual items within those categories and compare them by location.

See totals and percentage of all items purchased

Choose a date range, then see totals of all items purchased in that range and the percent each item makes up of total COGS in the same date range, then identify top moving items.

Actual vs. Theoretical (AvT) Reports

Use these reports after your inventory counts to learn what you should have spent on food versus how much you actually spent.  Save time finding the offending items by using the trilogy of theoretical reports.

Get real-time AvT data

Obtain actual vs. theoretical numbers in terms of both quantities and dollars and see the item with drill down, the unit of measure count, the actual usage (counts, purchases, transfers), theoretical details including list of menu items sold, waste from the waste log, variance (before waste) and more.

View AvT variance by category

See trends of total variance dollars per category over a date range, broken down by count-to-count calculations and see positive or negative spikes.

See AvT variance by item

Drill down from the category into the individual items that make up that category to get total dollar variances of those items and then pinpoint items that need attention.

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menu popularity vs. profitability

Menu Mix Reports

Use the menu mix reports to analyze selling price, cost and margins for menu engineering recommendations; see item profits to determine necessary price adjustments; and get sales/quantities by category, location or server to gain insights not gleaned from sales tickets.

Analyze item profitability and popularity

See the margin and quantities sold for each menu item, then analyze the popularity and profitability of each item ranked against each other and learn what to do with each menu item (e.g., promote it, raise or lower price, remove it from the menu, etc.) based on how it performs.

Price items for maximum profit

Use the menu price analysis report to see profit for each menu Item, as well as the price needed to hit the target percentage you set. Run the report for multiple locations to ensure accurate receiving and learn where commodity pricing is skewing the food cost in certain markets/stores.

 View the sales mix of all menu items

See sales, quantities, etc., for all menu items and view the data by category, location or server for deeper insights.

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