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Restaurant365 is a cloud-based, restaurant-specific accounting and operations platform that’s fully integrated with your POS system, payroll vendor, food and beverage vendors,  and bank. Everything you need to operate your restaurant business lives in the same system, so you can make your restaurant operations more efficient, and ultimately more profitable.

Help all of Your Managers Perform at Their Peak With R365 Inventory + Scheduling

Inventory Management

Control your food costs with the Inventory Management feature in R365. Experience end-to-end inventory management from counting and transferring to ordering and invoicing. Do it all with Restaurant365.

Simplify inventory counting

Easily count your inventory on your phone or tablet.

Transfer inventory between stores

Track inventory transfers between stores automatically, ensuring that true product usage is accurately reflected in your prime cost report.

Use suggestive ordering

Purchase inventory at the right level to reduce over ordering and food waste.

Maintain consistent production across locations

Create a commissary template for use across all locations to order from the commissary.

Recipe Costing

Track usage and yield from each food item to get an accurate cost on recipes. You might have started the day with 100 avocados and used the last one 10 minutes before closing, so you calculated your avocado usage correctly. But you need to know how much yield you got from each avocado and how much of that yield you used in your guacamole, your avocado and mushroom omelet, and your Cobb salad to determine the total cost of each of those three recipes. R365 does that for you.

Track theoretical usage over time

Map recipes to your POS menu item to automatically track your theoretical usage over time.

Maximize recipe efficiency

Track your recipe costs automatically to optimize food item usage and reduce waste.

Track variances between actual vs. theoretical

Get an accurate measure of your food cost efficiency by tracking what you actually spent on food versus how much you should have spent, so you can close the gap in the variance.

Smart Ordering and Receiving

Streamline the ordering and receiving process with the R365 purchasing assistant. Combine multiple items from multiple vendors into a single order. Easily review and submit purchase orders from your established shopping lists. Reconcile the difference between what you ordered and what you received.

Order like items together

Use the shopping list to group like items then combine them into a single purchase order.

Simplify purchasing

Let the purchasing assistant walk you through the ordering process and automatically create purchase orders by vendor or shopping list.

Order accurately

Get purchasing suggestions, including amounts, from the purchasing assistant.

Reconcile invoices

Flip your purchase order into an invoice, then reconcile the difference between what you ordered and what you received.

Smart Prep

Don’t just prep it, smart prep it.  Reduce waste and save on food costs with the R365 Smart Prep feature.

Receive helpful suggestions

Get a system-generated suggestion on how much to prepare based on forecasting and recipe shelf life.

Report on trends/production stats

Log prep recipes historically to report on trends and over/under production stats.

Save time on multiple prep log productions

Utilize the prep assistant to facilitate multiple, simultaneous prep log productions.

Track recipe cost by location

Get reminders for scheduled service of kitchen equipment, delivery trucks and more.


Ensure consistent production practices and even use of ingredients across all of your restaurant locations with the R365 commissary module. Streamline the ordering and fulfillment process. Create and submit commissary orders to a designated commissary.

Simplify ordering

Create a commissary template that all your locations can use to order from the commissary, making future orders a breeze.

Schedule commissary templates

Put the commissary template on a schedule so that it automatically shows up for location managers to create orders.

Even out operation costs

Attribute markups to specific items as needed to even out the operation costs at the commissary.

Add markups to third parties

Ship prepared items to third parties and automatically add a markup to your pricing.

Smart Forecasting

Set a sales forecast by location and period and compare it to actual values. Based on daily sales trends between this year and last year, get a smart forecast for every day of the next 13 four-week periods or 4/4/5 periods.

Create smart schedules

Use your forecasted sales numbers to create employee schedules and optimize labor spend.

Drive food ordering

Use sales forecasts to automatically drive smart prep and smart ordering.

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