Case Studies

Case Studies

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Big Red F

Dreamy Functionality with 13-Period Accounting

Award-winning multi-concept restaurant with 11 locations throughout Colorado | POS: Aloha

“We switched to 13 four-week accounting periods in 2010 and limped along with the inability of Quickbooks to recognize these reporting periods for 4 painful years. All financial reporting and budgeting was housed in Excel,” said CFO Tiffany Richards. Then they switched to R365 and everything got easier: “The most significant time savings has come in financial reporting and analysis. The 13-Period functionality of R365 has been dreamy. We now can load budgets and run a large variety of P&Ls for all our entities, or just one, compared to budget or each other, or trailing 13 periods.”

Twisted Root Burger Co.

Saving $12K and Even More

Time Burger-taco restaurant with 16 fast-casual locations and a food truck | POS: Digital Dining

Looking to align their accounting with operations management and inventory, Twisted Root made the switch from Intacct to R365. The automatic polling of POS data and creation of Sales and Labor Journal entries saves them 5 hours a week from their old process, and they identified a $12k vendor pricing problem thanks to R365. With R365, they now have a full store inventory in place they can rely on as a starting point for each additional location. Despite all this, what’s their favorite part about R365? The customer support: “They’re by far our best vendor for responsiveness and problem solving,” said J.J. Pledger, Chief Bean Counter.


Hassle-Free Franchise Management

Fast-casual sandwich restaurant with 13 corporate locations and 90+ franchisees | POS: Aloha

Capriotti’s needed to save time and automate where they could. Before R365, they were manually importing and exporting sales data, payroll accruals, and more. Now, the process is fast and direct: “The biggest time savings have come through the efficiencies created by the daily POS integration including the payroll accrual, the inventory imports, the G/L J/E import function. The franchising module also provides an easy way to to handle franchisee royalty billing and payments,” says J.D. Vukasin, CFO.