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The Profit-Driving Power of Integrated, Restaurant-Specific Software Systems

With Restaurant365, your back office seamlessly connects to the front-of-house to drive margins with real-time inventory, automated purchasing, forecasting, recipes, data-driven scheduling, and seamless shift-to-shift communication.


Automate Inventory to Control Costs

Simplify inventory counting, easily transfer inventory, and break down menu item costs to spot and take action on problems or opportunities.

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purchasing and receiving

Perfect Purchasing and Receiving

Save on Cost of Goods Sold and increase efficiency by automating your purchasing and receiving processes.


Forecast With Precision

Confidently predict your labor and inventory needs, whether it’s Super Bowl Sunday or a quiet Monday.


Take Control of Your Commissary

Commissary ensures consistent food production and uniform use of ingredients across your restaurant locations.


Cook Up Winning Recipes

Gain control of your kitchen operations, sales, and bottom line with recipes that specify how much of each ingredient should be in each dish.

restaurant inventory management software


Empower Managers To Win

Keep your teams in sync on daily activities, customer issues, maintenance problems, and more.


Schedule Strategically

Create schedules faster and optimize labor costs across multiple locations by predicting needs based on historical sales.

Restaurant Software Systems 

Restaurant businesses commonly suffer from hectic, unorganized task management. To tackle this issue, it is important that restaurant owners seek out restaurant management software systems to provide them with more control over their business operations on a day-to-day basis. Restaurant software systems are platforms for restaurant businesses of any size requiring high-quality management tools to monitor essential aspects of a restaurant, including payroll, workforce, and store operations. Without restaurant software systems, many businesses struggle to effectively manage their staff and clientele, leading to significant revenue losses. 

Given the essential nature of restaurant software systems, it is critical that you begin searching for the best restaurant management software available to your business. Running a restaurant business is not an easy job when all of your tasks are completed manually. It is also important to remember that not all restaurant software systems are built the same or have the same features. To truly thrive in your business, you will want to use only the top restaurant software systems at your disposal. Platforms like Restaurant365, an all-in-one restaurant management software, are vital to improving your business operations and streamlining your workflow. Restaurant365 is unique because it offers users a cloud-based platform with crucial accounting and operation solutions for restaurants. With Restaurant365, restaurant businesses can seamlessly integrate with POS, payroll, banking, and vendors. By doing this, Restaurant365 saves business owners valuable time that would otherwise be spent on error-prone manual tasks. 

Ultimately, restaurant software systems should meet the needs of each restaurant business, regardless of what specific struggles an individual business is facing. Restaurant management software like Restaurant365 allows owners to manage their restaurant’s back-office productivity, making it possible to gain better control over their bottom line. Restaurant365 helps drive profit and growth and is one of the unique management software options available to your business. 

Restaurant software management systems can have numerous positive effects on your business. For example, software like Restaurant365 helps restaurant businesses lower the cost of food and other inventory while also providing key insights into your restaurant’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, Restaurant365 contains the best benefits of a restaurant software system. Restaurant365 helps restaurant businesses eliminate their stack of invoices, streamline their store operations, and power profit and growth to ensure successful, steady progress within a restaurant. 

Best POS System for Restaurant 

When seeking a high-quality restaurant software system for your restaurant business, you will want to prioritize software that integrates with your restaurant’s point-of-sale (POS). The best POS system for restaurant businesses boils down to the specific needs of your restaurant. However, the management software you select for your restaurant should offer integrations with numerous POS systems. The top table management software will ultimately be ineffective for all restaurants if it does not have plentiful options for integrating with specific POS systems. For instance, one of the key benefits of using Restaurant365 for your business is its cloud-based restaurant POS integrations. Along with POS integration, Restaurant365 allows you to integrate with systems for payroll, banking, vendors, and more. 

Restaurant365 is also valuable because it serves restaurants of all sizes and of various POS systems. The best POS system for small restaurant businesses compared to larger businesses might be different depending on your circumstances. Restaurant365 has great value in the sense that it is adaptable to restaurants of all sizes, whether small, big, enterprise, or franchise-level. While Restaurant365 itself is not POS software, its expert management platform integrates with a significant list of POS systems. When looking at a list of restaurant POS systems, you may come across popular systems like Toast, PAR Technology, NCR Corporation, and Oracle. All of these systems are available for integration with Restaurant365 because of Restaurant365’s extensive partner ecosystem. 

Without proper research into POS systems, you may find yourself implementing some of the worst restaurant POS systems. Restaurant365 partners with high-quality, leading POS system partners to ensure that your organization achieves massive levels of success. Because the team at Restaurant365 is comprised of restaurant experts who have experience in the business, you can confidently implement Restaurant365 as your primary restaurant management system while simultaneously integrating your POS system with Restaurant365’s software. With Restaurant365’s cloud-based technology, you will also be able to seamlessly integrate and access other assets through a singular, easy-to-use platform. 

What Are Restaurant Software Systems? 

Selecting restaurant management software for your business is challenging if you don’t have a complete understanding of restaurant software systems. You might be asking yourself: what are restaurant software systems? Essentially, this software acts as a restaurant operating system where restaurant businesses can easily manage their daily workflow. Restaurant software systems are crucial to improving visibility within a business and taking control of business operations. Instead of managing various systems for POS, payroll, etc., the best restaurant software systems will be able to integrate with various restaurant services to create an all-in-one system. 

High-quality restaurant software systems will serve a variety of purposes integral to a successful restaurant business. For example, restaurant software systems will have features to offer the best table management software, ensuring that businesses can efficiently manage guests and staff. As you conduct further research on the top restaurant management software options for your business, you should take numerous factors into consideration. With Restaurant365’s cloud-based platform, your business can integrate all of the tools it needs to improve overall profit and growth. Additionally, advanced restaurant software systems like Restaurant365 provide businesses with tools to manage guests, tables, and the workforce. Restaurant365’s reporting analytics make it possible to quickly identify key issues preventing your business from making important progress.  

One example of how Restaurant365 can be used as your restaurant software system is found in the platform’s integration with POS systems. Among the data transferred to Restaurant365’s cloud-based platform when integrating with your POS system are: 

  • Sales ticket information 
  • Menu items 
  • Time of sale 
  • Server 
  • Tenders such as cash, credit card, or gift card 
  • Discounts 
  • Coupons 
  • Sales tax 


Ultimately, your restaurant software system should be accessible through one platform to eliminate the time you spend manually monitoring different systems and operations in your business. With a system like Restaurant365, your staff will have access to information regarding accounting, store operations, and workforce within a single platform. 

Cloud-Based POS System 

Restaurant businesses can significantly benefit from cloud-based POS systems, particularly when working with restaurant management software that is organized on a cloud-based platform. A cloud-based POS system stores crucial data that is valuable for restaurant business owners seeking areas of weakness in their sales. When selecting a POS system for your business, you should not only look for something cloud-based but specifically for hospitality POS systems that cater to restaurant management. For example, POS systems like Toast, when integrated with Restaurant365, are highly valuable when used as a cloud-based solution for restaurants. 

Your instinct may be to search for systems based on one of the following qualifications: popularity and cost. While popular POS systems for restaurants may sound more familiar, there are various factors to consider before basing your selection solely on popularity. Among these factors to consider is whether or not the POS system is cloud-based.  

Additionally, the cheapest POS system for restaurants is not always the right choice for a business. While a cheap POS system may be convenient in the short term, it will likely be unable to keep up with your restaurant’s projected growth. A cloud-based POS system is essential because it provides restaurant owners with total visibility of their POS analytics and operations. Additionally, cloud-based POS systems are valuable because business managers can access the data on a cloud-based platform anywhere at any time, no matter what restaurant location they need information about. Cloud-based POS systems are accessible, simple, and efficient. When using a cloud-based POS system in conjunction with restaurant software systems like Restaurant365, your business can start thriving with guaranteed data security. 

Best POS System for Restaurant and Bar 

If you are managing a restaurant and bar simultaneously, then you will want to seek POS systems that meet the needs of both operations. The best POS system for restaurant and bar operations are similar to some of the best quality POS systems for restaurants alone. Ideally, you will be able to find a restaurant POS systems list that includes cloud-based systems with features geared toward bar management as well as the restaurant. When choosing a POS system for your restaurant and bar, then you should prioritize cloud-based solutions. Given that you are managing the restaurant and bar simultaneously, cloud-based POS systems are even more essential to navigate your tasks and manage your workflow for both operations. 

You may be inclined to prioritize restaurant POS systems cost instead of features. While cost is an important aspect of your decision, you should not select a POS system based solely on cost. If you are seeking a POS system for a restaurant and bar, then you will need to ensure that you choose a system with various features that will aid you in both areas of work. Additionally, you will want to find cloud-based software that can integrate with platforms like Restaurant365’s management software. Your restaurant management software should work in conjunction with your POS system to improve productivity in your business, shifting the control back into your hands. A restaurant management system like Restaurant365 is essential for consolidating all of your restaurant and bar operations to ensure seamless workflows on a daily basis.


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The executive team and operations managers get a snapshot of the important things every day without having to hunt for them. Restaurant365 has been a game changer administratively. We can more easily see how we’re doing versus how we thought we were doing. If we’re not hitting our goals, we can get ahead of it faster.
Amanda Jabs,
Food Fight Restaurant Group
Food Fight Restaurant Group
The ability to manage all operating metrics, like the prime costs of food and labor, will make it easier for us to provide benchmarking and support to our franchisees. They can see immediately how their results compare to other franchisees and the company performance.
Brian Daniels,
I’ve been in this business for forty years, and R365 changed the work I do for the better—more than any single thing I’ve ever done.
Michael Forte,
Operating Partner
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Blaze Pizza

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