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With R365, your back office seamlessly connects to accounting and the front-of-house to drive margins with real-time inventory, automated purchasing, forecasting, recipes, data-driven scheduling, and seamless shift-to-shift communication.


Automate Inventory to Control Costs

Simplify inventory counting, easily transfer inventory, and break down menu item costs to spot and take action on problems or opportunities.

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purchasing and receiving

Perfect Purchasing and Receiving

Save on Cost of Goods Sold and increase efficiency by automating your purchasing and receiving processes.


Forecast With Precision

Confidently predict your labor and inventory needs, whether it’s Super Bowl Sunday or a quiet Monday.


Empower Managers To Win

Keep your teams in sync on daily activities, customer issues, maintenance problems, and more.

Best Restaurant Management Software 

Owning and running a successful restaurant is a real challenge. According to Perry Group International, 70% of restaurants fail within the first five years. Reasons for these failures can include the competitiveness of the local market, the size of the firm operating the restaurant, and the personality of the restaurant owner themselves. In such a competitive field, restaurants tend to fare better by streamlining the more tedious elements of their operations so that you, the owner, can focus more on perfecting their culinary art and outreaching the community. That’s what will keep a restaurant going – using technology to free up time so that you can focus your energy on those elements of the job which are your true passion.  

Restaurant365 has emerged as the best restaurant management software to make life easier for restaurant owners and workers. As a cloud-based platform, Restaurant365 is a restaurant management system example that combines a restaurant business’s accounting, store operations, and workforce to maximize productivity and minimize prime costs in order to drive profit and growth further. Restaurant365 offers a variety of restaurant management system features, which include but are not limited to streamlining administrative work throughout the employee lifecycle, getting a sense of a restaurant’s inventory and labor with robust tracking tools, and acquiring accurate, timely data that’s easy to find and share. 

Restaurant365 is a restaurant management system project that is designed to provide support for several different types of business models such as accounting firms, small businesses, multi-location groups, franchise brands, and enterprises. With Restaurant365’s restaurant management system project documentation, the software proves as a great asset for teams in finance, operations, and human resources.  This allows businesses to obtain a detailed and accurate restaurant management system project report from which they can analyze their operations and consider possibilities for improvement. With the simple implementation of the restaurant management system project source code, Restaurant365 offers one of the most comprehensive systems on the market to assist restaurant businesses in reaching their fullest potential.  

Restaurant365 provides several pricing options that allow restaurant owners to choose what is best for their business. The first tier is Essential, which is $399 per month. This is the most popular option thus far. This includes AP automation and payments, scheduling, inventory, and POS connect.  The second tier is Professional, which is $489 per month. This level includes all the features of Essential plus financial reporting, approval workflows, fixed asset management, and business analytics. Finally, there is the highest tier, called Enterprise, whose price is custom depending on the features that the client wishes to have at their disposal. This level tends to be the choice of especially ambitious restaurant groups.  

Top 10 Restaurant Management Software 

The internet is littered with countless articles listing the top 10 restaurant management software. Therefore, this article shall not delve into those rankings of restaurant SaaS companies here. Instead, let us focus on one of the more prominent restaurant table management software. This restaurant management app is known as Toast POS. As a web-based restaurant management system, Toast POS offers features similar to those of Restaurant 365, such as restaurant billing software, taking online orders, and managing orders.  

Toast POS divides its features into four categories: Take Orders, Prep and Serve, Dine and Pay, and Manage and Grow. Within the Take Orders category, there are two features of taking online orders and managing orders. Within the Prep and Serve category, there are two features of dispatching to delivery drivers and connecting kitchens to FOH. Then in the Dine and Pay category, there are the two features of taking contactless payments and enabling QR-code ordering and paying. And finally, in the Manage and Grow category, there are the features of onboarding and paying employees, attracting and retaining guests, and processing and automating invoices. 

These types of features are also present in Restaurant365. This kind of streamlining of the most basic administrative tasks allows restaurants to focus on more pressing matters without compromising on quality customer service. Toast, POS may be able to provide the basics in R365 accounting and workflow, but their prices for their tiers are substantially lower than those of Restaurant365. This demonstrates that they do not have nearly as many features as Restaurant365 to engage in more in-depth reports and subsequent conversations about deeper business analytics. Toast, POS may be a great starting point to familiarize oneself with general R365 software, but those who are more serious about their business tend to upgrade to platforms like Restaurant365.  

Best ERP For Restaurants 

One might see the acronym ERP tossed around in the business world, but what does it mean? It stands for enterprise resource planning. This term encompasses all types of software meant to help businesses manage their day-to-day operations like project management, accounting, risk mitigation, and supply chain operations. The important aspects of enterprise resources planning are integration and creating a means for automation that puts an end to manual work. No one wants to continue tedious but necessary labor manually when the technology is already there to outsource it. By automating such banal tasks, not only do restaurant businesses maximize their productivity, but they also decrease the margin for human error. Not that there cannot be difficulties with technology, but automating various elements of business operations leaves less room for mistakes to come into effect, keeps a consistent workflow, and gives managers the bandwidth to engage more fully with the critical challenges of keeping a restaurant relevant and appealing in such a competitive market.    

Not all enterprise resource planning is made with the intended client to be a restaurant owner or manager, but many can be applied in the context of a restaurant management system since a restaurant is, after all, just one of many types of businesses. 

When it comes to the best ERP for restaurants, Restaurant365 comes to mind because it houses all the important tenants of general project management and operations with the added features needed of restaurant software systems. Restaurant SaaS companies use enterprise resource planning as a base and then build upon features that may be specific to the restaurant business. This secures Restaurant365’s place as of the top restaurant software companies. 

Restaurant Software Companies 

Restaurant software companies have emerged to fit the growing need to automate various elements of the restaurant businesses’ operations. Restaurant management software became even more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic when restaurants were forced to cease dine-in options and operate solely from online ordering. Those with restaurant software systems already in place fared much better than those who didn’t have a strong foundation in cloud-based restaurant POS. Even as society slowly returned to a degree of normality from the pandemic, restaurant SAAS companies will continue to be used to accommodate the permanent ways in which COVID-19 impacted the service industry within the global economy. 

Of the best restaurant POS systems list, you are likely to find Restaurant365, which uses the best restaurant software to bridge the gap between the owners/managers of a restaurant and its workers with tools like daily pay. This allows workers to choose a direct deposit option or pay cards for those who don’t use traditional banking. It simplifies payroll administration, offers paperless tax automation, and allows restaurants to gain insights into critical payroll data.  

Restaurant Inventory Management Software 

Restaurant inventory management software is a critical piece of any restaurant management system. Restaurant365 has hospitality inventory management software as one of its three main products offered. With the restaurant inventory management app, restaurants can simplify their inventory counting, transfer inventory, and break down menu item costs in order to detect problems and resolves or spot potential opportunities for further improvements. 

Restaurant inventory management software is also important because it helps to synchronize back office operations with the front-of-house operations, both of which are vital parts of any restaurant business. Not only can one properly catalog current inventory, but this software can help perfect the process of purchasing and receiving inventory. With Restaurant365, restaurants can use frequent shopping lists for easy ordering, buy essentials only with specific purchase orders, and reconcile vendor invoices swiftly and efficiently.  

With the best restaurant inventory management software, Restaurant365 can provide the following for restaurant inventory. 

If one is hoping to survive the competitive market that exists in the service industry, one should not be bogged down by menial tasks that come with the day-to-day operations of a business. Owners and managers should focus instead on the bigger picture, on how to have their business leave a lasting impact within their community. The more time they have to focus on that, the better. That is why restaurant management software is a necessity for the future of the service industry. Small businesses have no time to waste; time is one of their most valuable resources. With restaurant management software like Restaurant365, restaurants can achieve their business goals more quickly and with more quality.

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