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Team engagement and productivity are key to profitability. R365 Workforce modernizes the entire employee lifecycle from hire to retire with hiring, onboarding, scheduling, payroll, and benefits tools.

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Avoid manual busy work and repetitive tasks with a restaurant-specific payroll solution that calculates, audits, and processes payroll accurately and in less time.

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Promote workforce autonomy by giving your employees an app that makes it easy to swap shifts and request changes.


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Centralize job postings, applicant reviews, interview schedules, candidate tracking, and communication with a single solution.

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Optimize and Digitize Onboarding

Ensure a smooth onboarding process with an automated, error-free experience that quickly makes new employees productive team members.

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HR tools and workflows empower lean operators to run a compliant, efficient, and scalable operation.

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First impressions last. Provide an easy enrollment process for existing and new employees.


Workforce Payroll  

Employees are critical to the success of any restaurant. A dedicated, talented workforce is what makes every place, from small local diners to the fanciest dining rooms, unique. If you’ve got people working for you, you need to pay them correctly and on time; this is where the all-important payroll enters. A restaurant-specific workforce payroll system is essential to any restaurant owner or manager. Without a reliable system to pay your employees, you can run into many problems with employee retention, accounting, finance, taxes, and even regulators.   

Manually calculating, distributing, and continually double-checking your payroll can be extremely difficult, especially for large restaurant groups with many employees. On top of ensuring every employee is paid, you must make sure that you are keeping track of your payroll, checking for errors, and complying with any government regulations to avoid fines or additional taxes. No one wants to, or should, do all of this work manually. Large and small restaurant groups could use that valuable time to improve their business and experience for customers and employees. This is why many large and small restaurants use workforce payroll software to help them manage and track their employee payroll.  

Many different types of payroll software options are available today — especially as technology advances and more intuitive, dynamic software options become available. From complete hourly workforce management software solutions to more simple software solutions that strictly handle employee payroll, your restaurant company has many options to choose from when looking for a better way to handle your restaurant’s payroll process. Yet, using restaurant-specific software, like Restaurant365, can help you improve your overall payroll process, retain employees, reduce payroll errors and the amount of time spent calculating and processing payroll, and avoid costly penalties caused by a miscalculation or outdated information.  

Payroll Software Companies  

Because payroll management is one of the most challenging and regulated responsibilities of restaurant owners and managers, they must carefully assess the various payroll software programs on the market. All of these options can make finding a payroll software solution that best fits your restaurant a challenging task. Choosing a restaurant-specific software solution can help you ensure your business’s specific needs are met as you streamline and simplify your payroll process.  

Almost all payroll software options can be broken down into two different categories. The first is payroll software that strictly helps your business process payroll. These software options can be automated, which can help you to eliminate many of the manual tasks of paying out payroll each week or month. Payroll automation software can help you recover valuable time by securely processing your payroll with built-in automated workflows. These payroll software solutions also help you to catch payroll errors.  

The other category of payroll software options is integrated payroll and HR software options. These options offer all the benefits of the strictly payroll-based software solutions as well as other features to help simplify and optimize your HR process. This option becomes even more powerful when built explicitly with restaurants in mind. Some of the features include help with attracting more candidates, automatic alerts and pre-screening questions to help you make better hiring decisions, better onboarding experiences, and automating the more repetitive manual tasks your HR team completes daily. Combined, all these features can streamline your workforce payroll and make your restaurant company a workplace that people seek out and stick with.   

Small Business Payroll Software  

Finding the right software to help your business process payroll can be extremely difficult, even with the technological advancements and software options available today. This can be especially difficult for restaurants. Often, payroll software solutions are built for much different industries. Even larger restaurant operations have specific needs for their payroll processes that software for similarly sized enterprises in other industries can’t solve. Luckily, there are restaurant-specific software solutions to manage payroll processes that not only improve and streamline all workflows but positively impact the entire business.  

So how do you find the best small business payroll software solution? The payroll process for most restaurants is best managed with an industry-specific solution. Each restaurant has its own individual process and must approach the task and, therefore, software solutions carefully. Additionally, some restaurants are bigger or smaller than others, and the number of employees that need to be paid can also affect which payroll software will work best for them. That being said, restaurant-specific, small business software with payroll features will help dramatically reduce the amount of time (and headaches) in your restaurant’s payroll process and give you more time to get more work done.  

While somewhat different from their larger business counterparts, software options for small businesses and payroll-based software options built explicitly for restaurants can provide many benefits to smaller businesses and help them to excel and grow. Similar to the payroll software solutions for larger businesses, payroll software options for smaller businesses can focus only on payroll management or combine various HR functions. HR and payroll software for small business restaurants can be extremely helpful in not only freeing managers and owners from the headache of manually calculating payroll but also help them make better informed, data-driven decisions and that they are always compliant with state or federal regulations.  

Restaurant Payroll  

Like all businesses, restaurants need employees to run, and those employees must be paid accurately and on time if you want them to stay with your restaurant company. With more competition for restaurant employees and a record-level of job openings, payroll for restaurants becomes even more critical. Payroll is already known to be one of the most complicated and heavily regulated responsibilities that restaurant managers and owners have to take care of when it comes to running their businesses. Because this has been the case across all industries, many different payroll systems, programs, and software options have come up over the years. Restaurant companies should look for a cloud-based, restaurant-specific solution to build their own streamlined (and simplified) payroll processes. This way, you can be sure that you are spending your time focused on the things that are important to the overall success and growth of your restaurant rather than spending hours on manual payroll work that could result in errors or other problems.  

Because of the challenges that the restaurant payroll process presents to restaurant owners and managers, many different restaurant payroll companies offer different solutions to these challenges. These companies provide software solutions that help reduce the time you need to spend on managing your payroll process while also helping reduce payroll errors. Finding software to improve your payroll process can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with using software solutions for your business. Even if you are unfamiliar with software solutions, payroll software can be an invaluable tool in helping you execute your payroll accurately and on time every time. For example, a software platform for restaurants, like Restaurant365, can help you reduce payroll errors and eliminate the “busy work” of handling payroll each week.  

Payroll Restaurant Software  

Whether you have used payroll software for your restaurant’s payroll before or not, as the restaurant industry continues trending towards more digital, cloud-based tools, these software solutions are becoming more popular and important than ever. Restaurant payroll software, for both small and larger restaurant groups, helps these businesses keep track of and easily process their payroll while ensuring accuracy and compliance. As these software solutions that replace the generally time-consuming and repetitive task of executing payroll are rising in popularity, restaurants need to choose a restaurant-specific software system or provider that will understand and suit their current process and accommodate and create opportunities for future growth.   

But how does a restaurant know how to choose a restaurant payroll provider that will best suit their needs? If you already have a restaurant payroll management system that you are using to handle payroll each week that is either a simple digital program or just a file folder of paper records, it is important to begin searching for a new solution. You want your new restaurant payroll software to make life easier for you — not more complicated. The best choice is an industry-specific software solution that offers features that meet the unique needs of the restaurant while dramatically reducing the amount of time and effort that the payroll process takes while also eliminating any payroll errors, enabling you and your team to focus on strategic initiatives that help improve guests’ experience and grow your company.

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Paper applications could get put in four different files here and there, on desks or whatever. Now, we know that there’s one place to go for all the applications. You can track each applicant’s stage in the process.
Chad Foust,
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Sweet Lou's
By integrating our POS, scheduling, accounting, and payroll systems, we have reduced labor hours tremendously from a support perspective, and there’s now an overall ease when it comes to transactions related to payroll.
Ryan Egozi,
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R365 HIRE allows you to manage the hiring process with speed, oversight, and precision to get the best candidates for the position. It also allows my business unit leaders to get more and better-qualified applicants than they ever have before at a fraction of the price.
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